New to online learning?

If you’re taking classes at Century, chances are there’ll be online components to your learning. Century College offers several course formats using online knowledge. Watch this video to learn about the many course types, at Century, including online!

What is online learning at Century?

Online learning uses a Learning Management System (LMS) to store course materials. You’ll use D2L Brightspace as the LMS to retrieve these course materials and interact with the instructor and other students.

New to D2L Brightspace?

Century offers a D2L Student Practice Course to help new students navigate online courses. Learn how to set up your email, profile, and settings on D2L. You’ll also have opportunities to practice participating online, submitting course assignments, and taking online quizzes. In addition, you can learn about all other online technologies that Century offers, such as Microsoft 365, Mediaspace, LinkedIn Learning, and a Virtual Computer Lab. All for free!
(To access this course, log in to D2L Brightspace.) If you are not new to Century but want access to this course, please email Dr. Caroline Toscano.

Hyflex: A New Type of Course Delivery Method at Century College!

Century College now offers Hyflex courses that offer flexibility in whether you want to attend in person, online synchronously, or asynchronously. Watch this video for more information!

Or click here to learn more about the many different flexible options that are available to you!

Are you ready for online learning?

Century offers three evidence-based tools to provide insight into your readiness for online learning. These tools can also help you manage time and know where to go for online learning support. Please try them out!

Tool 1: Am I Ready for Study?
You may ask yourself if you are ready for online learning. This tool can help you answer this question and provide personal advice based on your responses. There are only five sets of questions, so it doesn’t take long to complete.

Tool 2: Do I Have Enough Time?
Do you have enough time to complete classes online? This tool can help you calculate the time you spend on other activities and provides advice on how much study you could realistically do in your free time. This is only a guide.

Tool 3: Who Can I Ask?
Who can help you as you take online classes? This tool can help you identify people who might support you and give you advice on how to succeed in your online classes.

What are some online course examples?

Courses may be offered completely online, mostly online, blended/hybrid (partly online/partly in-person), or completely in-person. Please click on the course search site to see current course offerings by delivery format. In addition, the college offers non-credit courses, professional certificates, and customized training online. Please see online career training for a list of available non-credit learning opportunities.

Course: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Instructor: Amy Fisher

Course: Biology Concepts
Instructor: Chuck Paulson

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