What do I need to do to prepare for taking an online class?

You will want to confirm the start date of your class, which is listed on your registration confirmation. This can be seen on your registration account (where you registered online) under "View/Modify Schedule."
You will not be loaded into the class in D2L Brightspace (the web application used for online or web-enhanced classes) until 25 days before the class starts.

If you feel you need to contact the instructor before that, you may want to call or e-mail him or her. Your instructor's name will also be listed on your registration confirmation or you can consult the Faculty Directory.

How do I login to D2L Brightspace?

On your myCentury home page, click on the D2L Brightspace icon, located right next to the Email icon.

How do I log into Zoom?

Click on myCentury. Then click on the Sign In icon to configure your account.

How do I activate my StarID?

To activate your StarID, you will need to know either your Tech ID (8-digit student ID), Century email address, or library card barcode. Go to StarID Self Service and click on the Activate my StarID tile.

How do I check my Century email before classes start?

Click on myCentury. Then click on the email tile on the myCentury homepage. Enter your StarID and your StarID password.

How do I sync Century email to my phone?

Go to Syncing mobile devices with Century Email. There you will find steps for syncing both Android mobile and Apple devices with Century Email. 

How do I login to Continuing Education/Customized Training courses?

Go to the CECT login page. There you will need to login with your Star ID and password. 

What if I need technology help. Where do I go?

Call the Student Help Line 651-779-3295 at or go to Minnstate COVID-19 Student Technology Help.