Each academic year, Century College academic programs identify and award an Outstanding Student of the Year. Students are recognized for their outstanding achievements and celebrated at an Outstanding Student of the Year Award Ceremony.

To determine who among our students will be identified as the Outstanding Student of the Year, faculty members within each department or program have created their own criteria for consideration. These criteria may include academic record, classroom engagement, a role model for the class or cohort, participation or leadership in the department or program student club, service to the college, clinical/internship excellence, service-learning excellence, professionalism, personal goals, motivation and perseverance, and many more.

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 Outstanding Students!



Sol Guevara


Portrait of Jenna Huppert.

Communications Studies

Jenna Huppert


Jaileia Yang


Olivia Boychuk


Aaron Lee


Pa Vang


Maria Given


Alicia Svoboda


Eva Ballard


Justin Dockendorf


Alice Johnson-Wild


Mary Claire Edwards


Ruben Jimenez Chavira


Celine Smith


Shannon Anderson


Alec Rechtiene


Kendra Zellmer-Casselberry


Joshua East


Kaitlin Neuman


Nick Eicher


Weston Freitag


Molly Ratgen


Christopher Goddard


María-Paula Falla