New CNA Student

Welcome to the Century College Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Course!

Welcome to the Century College Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Course!

Thank you for choosing to take HSCI 1001, the nursing assistant/home health aide course, at Century College! We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your educational journey.

General Requirements for all CNA/HHA students:

  1. Credit students must complete Century College New Student Orientation if you have not already done so in the past. You should have received an email with this information upon admission.
    Students taking the course through Continuing Education do not have to complete this step.
  2. A background study with no restrictions is required for you to be successful in the program and attend clinical experiences and get a job of Nursing Assisting. You will receive more information about completing this on your first day of class. Please bring your driver’s license or other valid state ID, or passport, to your first class. You will be required to be fingerprinted and photographed, at an offsite location, to complete the background study. Please refer to the Department of Human Services website for more information if you have any concerns.
  3. Uniforms may vary by clinical location. Generally solid color scrubs, matching top and pant, are acceptable. Solid color athletic-style shoe is required. Must be clean and neat looking. A watch with second hand is required. Please check with your faculty on the first day of class about the specific uniform requirements at your clinical site. Uniforms are not required to be worn on the first day of class.
  4. Tuberculin Testing:
    • Testing for tuberculosis (TB) is mandatory for all students in this course. This testing may be done via a TST (Tuberculin Skin Test or Mantoux Test), a TB Gold test (which is a blood draw from your provider), or a chest X-ray with a confirmation note from your doctor that you have no symptoms of TB. You will not be able to attend the first day of class unless this is complete. Please note that it often takes 2-3 days for results of any form of TB testing. You will need to have the TB test checked by a qualified Healthcare provider 2-3 days after the test.
    • The Mantoux may be done at your regular provider’s office or a minute clinic that offers it. You will need a follow-up reading of a Mantoux skin test 2-3 days after the test. Please bring the results on the first day of class.
  5. Required Course Materials For all Courses:
    • Nursing Assistant Skills Packet, ISBN: 9789970027996
    • For Rosalie Aguilar’s course only: Lippincott’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants, with DVD, Author: CARTER, Edition/Copyright: 5th Edition, Published Date: 2019, ISBN: 9781975108502; and,
    • Nursing Assistant Skills Packet, ISBN: 9789970027996
  6. To register for the Nursing Assistant Exam: contact Continuing Education at 651-779-3341.

Directions to course locations:

This information includes directions to the location of your course. To find out the course location, please check the course listing in eServices. The location is listed to the right side of the course listing, under the column with the heading “Loc - ” - as shown in the example below:


Where to find the location of your courseTo find the location of your course, navigate to the far right side of the course listing under the column with heading “location.”

Cerenity Senior Care, White Bear Lake

1900 Webber Street, White Bear Lake, MN 55110, 651-232-1818

Episcopal Church Home

Note: this is not a church, please look for a nursing home.
Classes held in a basement level room

Address: 1879 Feronia Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104


View on Google Maps

I94 to Snelling, go north on Snelling, then go West (left) on University

Take University to 4-5 blocks to Fairview, go left on Fairview for 1 Block, go right (west) on Feronia Ave.

Episcopal Church Home is on the right side

The Gables Care Center at Boutwell’s Landing

Room 200

Address: 13575 58th St. No, Oak Park Heights, MN 55082


NOTE: Please do not use any GPS locator systems. They will direct you to a different entrance. Please use the directions as noted below:

From I-694, go east on Hwy 36.

Turn right on Norell/Washington Ave.

Turn left on 58th St.

Very shortly on your left you will see a sign that says “Event Parking.” Park in this parking lot then walk across the street and enter the front door of The Gables Care Center at Boutwell’s Landing.

There will be a sign in the front entry way directing you to Classroom 200.

Waverly Gardens

5919 Centerville Rd, St Paul, MN 55127, 651-765-4000


  • Contact the teacher of your course. If you have general questions or concerns related to the course, please contact CECT (651-779-3341).
  • If you need assistance with course registration, please contact a Century College Admissions Advisor (651-773-1700).
  • Continuing Education students may also contact Heather Schroeder (651-779-3902).
  • Credit students may also contact