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Century in the High School

Four Century College Students
Learn about Concurrent Enrollment at Century College!

Century in the High School's concurrent enrollment program provides opportunities to high school students to gain college credit without leaving their high school

These courses are college or university courses available through the PSEO program, offered at a high school, and taught by a high school teacher. The high school teacher is paired with a Century College faculty mentor who ensures the quality and rigor of the course.

The Century in the Schools High School Guide contains information for instructors, students, faculty mentors, and counselors. This guide contains the pertinent forms, policies, and procedures.

Partner High Schools

  • 916 Career and Tech
  • North High School
  • Tartan High School
  • Stillwater High School
  • White Bear Lake Area High School
  • Wayzata High School
  • Wellstone International High School

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Learn More About Century in the High School

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    • Teachers must meet certain eligibiliy requirements to qualify for concurrent enrollment. View courses approved for fall 2016/spring 2017, the cost structure, and more information for educators. 

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      • Students need to meet certain eligibility requirements as well as learn about policies and processes which affect them as students of both their high school and of Century College. 

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