Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

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Are you a high school student interested in attending Century College?


Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) offers high school sophomores, juniors and seniors in public, nonpublic, or home schools the opportunity to take courses at eligible post-secondary institutions.

To be eligible, you must meet the admissions requirements of the post-secondary institution, but do not have to pay for tuition, fees, or books. You can earn high school credit courses and, if you want to continue your education beyond high school, you can choose to transfer your completed PSEO college courses.

Applications must be received before the deadlines:

  • Fall Term: July 1
  • Spring Term: December 1

Please see Career & Technical PSEO Courses for details about Career & Technical Education courses available to PSEO students and application requirements.

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Hear what current PSEO students have to say about PSEO at Century College!

Zoe Ross is studying Communications Studies at Century. For her Honors Communication class, she chose to focus her podcast project, Finding Your Place: The PSEO Choice, on the PSEO student experience by interviewing current PSEO students.

Steps to Apply:

Juniors and Seniors

Update to PSEO Application Process

Due to the COVID-19, as of Friday, March 27, the admission requirements for the Fall Term 2020 have changed. Please review updated ACCUPLACER and testing information below.

Please note: All PSEO admission requirements are subject to change as the college follows COVID-19 government and college mandates and planning.

Admissions Process: Update for demostration of college-level Reading placement.

*Due to the unavailability of ACCUPLACER, the following Minnesota State policies are currently in place to allow PSEO applicants to demonstrate college-level Reading and Mathematics skills if they have no test scores on file at the college.

Reading - A student who presents a HS GPA of 2.6 or higher must be given a placement of college-level that allows for enrollment in courses that designate college-level reading skills as a prerequisite.

Mathematics - A student who presents a HS GPA of 2.8+ and high school Alegbra 2 with a C- or better must be given a placement of college-level that allows for enrollment in College Algebra.

**Placement scores already on file at the college will trump the use of GPA. If students do not meet college-level Reading or Math placement according to their test scores on file, students do have the opporunity to appeal. Please refer to the Testing Center website for more information about this appeals process.

1. Review and complete the PSEO application.

2.  Determine if you have college-level skills in Reading.
Take the ACCUPLACER course placement test or obtain a copy of your ACT score report. ACCUPLACER is administered in the Testing Center on West Campus (W2470). Photo id is required. If using ACT scores, please include a copy of your ACT score report with your PSEO application. ACT requirements: 21 or higher in Reading OR 18 or higher in English. ACT Reading scores will be used to determine  placement for both Reading and English. Students interested in taking a math course through the PSEO program must place into college-level math on ACCUPLACER or have a 22 or higher in Math on the ACT.

Please see updates to this step in the section above addressing changes due to COVID-19.

3.  Determine if you meet ranking requirements for Step 2 using option A, B, or C.

Option A:
Class Rank: Juniors must be ranked in the top third of their class and Seniors in the top half of their class.
Decile: Juniors must place into the 3rd decile or higher and Seniors in the 5th decile or higher
GPA: Juniors must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and Seniors a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Option B: Juniors ranked in the 70th percentile or higher/Seniors in the 50th percentile or higher on one of the following exams: ACT, SAT, PSAT.

Option C: Students who do not meet Option A or B requirements are asked to submit a letter of recommendation from a high school counselor or teacher. You must also submit a two-page, typed, double-spaced essay using a 12pt. font, explaining why you are interested in the PSEO program and what you can contribute to it.

4.  Submit PSEO application to the Admissions Office (walk-in or mail is accepted).
Review page 3 of the PSEO application to ensure all required documents are completed and included with the PSEO application. Incomplete PSEO applications will not be processed and will be returned to the student. Submission of PSEO applications via email is recommended due to staff working remotely at this time. Please email applications to Katy Moore, PSEO Coordinator, at


    1. Print and review the 10th Grade PSEO Application.
    2. Obtain a copy of your 8th grade MCA Reading test.
      Verify you received an "M- Meets the Standards", "E- Exceeds the Standards", or an 850 or higher. Current 10th grade students who did not take the 8th grade MCA reading exam may substitute a college level reading score from the ACCUPLACER placement test.
    3. Verify you meet the prerequisites for the course(s) in which you'd like to register.
    4. Submit PSEO 10th Grade Application to the Admissions Office (walk-in or mail is accepted).
      Review page 1 of the application to ensure all required documents are completed and included with the PSEO application. Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be returned to the student. Submission of PSEO applications via email is recommended due to staff working remotely at this time. Please email applications to Katy Moore, PSEO Coordinator, at

    Planning Documents

    Additional PSEO Course List
    Approved Courses for 10th Grade PSEO
    Restricted Courses for PSEO
    PSEO Checklist
    Notice of Student Registration Form
    Planning for the Future

    Once your application is accepted and processed, you will receive an acceptance letter in the mail.

    *If you are a 9th grader, apply using the 10th Grade PSEO Application.

    After Acceptance to Century College:

    • Complete your mandatory PSEO New Student Orientation
      New Student Orientation information will be sent to the email listed on your application. At Century, New Student Orientation is a two step process. The first step is online orientation. After completing the online orientation, you will move on to step two which is the PSEO Registration Session. During the PSEO Registration Session you will learn about PSEO policies and procedures, meet with an advisor to review course selection and register for the semester. New Student Orientation is mandatory for all incoming students and enables you to register for classes as well as navigate the college and its resources with success.

    Parent Resources

    Once high school students apply to the PSEO program they are considered official college students and will be treated as such. This includes enforcing the college's various data privacy laws and encouraging student independence throughout the rest of their journey as a PSEO student.

    We want to support and encourage parent/guardian awareness of the PSEO program and what your student will be adhering to. We have gathered important PSEO policies and program information and encourage parents/guardians to review the information below. Should you have additional questions about any of the information in this section, please contact Katy Moore in the Admissions Office.

    FERPA - Privacy Act

    The Family Educational Rights and privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 gives students the right to review records, files, and other documents containing information about the student, which Century College maintains.

    Students may authorize Century College to release private information to individuals of their choosing or allow them to act on their behalf by completing the PSEO Authorization for the Release of Student Information form. This form needs to be submitted in-person by the student to the Records Office W2220 with a valid photo id. Forms submitted by anyone other than the student will not be accepted.

    Students who complete and submit this form are encouraged to provide a copy of the signed form to their parent/guardian. When a parent/guardian meets with a faculty or staff member, the parent/guardian must present a copy of the form as authorization for discussion. The form may be a hard copy or digital format.

    For more information, please visit the Data Privacy website.

    PSEO Textbook Policy

    Books are included under the PSEO Act. PSEO students must have their Century College student ID card with them to be able to check-out books from the Bookstore. We also recommend students bring a copy of their semester schedule with them to the Bookstore so they can easily find books for their specific course section, and they communicate with the clerk at check-out that they are a PSEO student.

    Bookstore Agreement Form

    PSEO students are required to submit the Book Agreement Form prior to the start of their first term. The Book Agreement Form will be included with the new student orientation email communication. By signing the Bookstore Agreement Form, PSEO students are agreeing to adhere to the Bookstore deadlines and policies. For more information regarding this form, visit the Bookstore Help Center.

    Important Information

    The books are NOT the student’s property. All books and supplies must be returned to the Century College Bookstore at the end of the semester. Students will receive information upon check-out of the dates when books must be returned.  If books are not returned, it will be assumed that they are either lost or destroyed, you will be billed for the books, and a hold will be placed on the student’s account preventing the ability to request a transcript. If books are damaged while in the student’s possession, students may be responsible for covering the cost of the damaged book(s).

    If students are enrolled in a course that will use the same book in the next semester (Fall to Spring or Spring to Fall), they may keep the book.  Students are required to notify the Bookstore of their plans and return the book at the end of the next semester.  If enrollment extends into the Summer Session, students will need to purchase the book(s) from the Bookstore.  PSEO does not extend into the summer session.  If students are graduating from high school and wish to purchase your textbook(s) please contact the Bookstore for payment arrangements. 

    Please note:

    • PSEO students can obtain access to special online resources or websites required for a course by visiting the Century College Bookstore and asking for an access code.
    • Courses requiring an access code of any sort for an online component of the class may not be returnable if the code is accessed and/or activated. PSEO students may be charged for non-returnable access codes if the student drops or withdraws from the course and has already accessed/activated the code.

    PSEO Guide to Success

    The PSEO Guide to Success packet is given to all PSEO students upon acceptance into the PSEO program. This packet is included with the official PSEO acceptance letter mailed by USPS.

    This packet is subject to change without notice, and typically is updated each term. PSEO students are responsible for knowing all PSEO policies and procedures as outlined in the Guide to Success.