Steps to Apply

Before applying to the PSEO program, please review the admission requirements in our Century College PSEO Application Information Packet, or the 10th Grade PSEO Application Information Packet for applicants who will be participating in PSEO as a 10th grader.

  1. Complete the online general application to the PSEO program at Century College.
  2. Complete and submit the PSEO Application Materials Submission eForm.
  3. Applicants will receive email communication regarding their application status and next steps.
The Fall Term 2022 PSEO application deadline is Friday, July 1. PSEO applications must be submitted electronically as described above, and will be accepted through midnight on July 1. No on-campus drop-off will be available. Please note, Century College is closed on Fridays during the summer. Staff will be unavailable to answer questions on Friday, July 1 due to the college being closed.


Student working on a computer.

PSEO Application Deadlines

  • Fall Term: July 1
  • Spring Term: December 1

Important Information Before You Begin the Online Application

  • Save your StarID and password! You will use your StarID during the entire admissions process.
  • Only items with the red asterisk * are required.
  • Date of birth is required (even though there is no red asterisk *)
  • When selecting Application Type during Step 6, select Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Student

Planning Documents

After Acceptance to Century College

  • Complete your mandatory PSEO New Student Orientation
    New Student Orientation information will be included with your acceptance email. At Century, New Student Orientation is a two step process. The first step is online orientation. After completing the online orientation, you will receive a "Register Now" email. This email indicates you are ready to register for classes! The email will provide information on how to register for classes and how to schedule an appointment with an Orientation Advisor. This Advisor can assist with registration questions and help you create your schedule at Century College. PSEO students are encouraged to have prepared information on remaining high school graduation requirements when meeting with the Orientation Advisor. New Student Orientation is mandatory for all incoming students and enables you to register for classes as well as navigate the college and its resources with success.
  • View How-To PSEO Videos
    Please view the following FAQ videos regarding additional information specific to PSEO students.

    Math Placement - Are you interested in taking a Math course through the PSEO program? Here’s what you need to know.
    Notice of Student Registration Form - This document is required to be submitted each semester.
    Registering for Classes - Important information to keep in mind when registering as a PSEO student.
    Century College Bookstore - Information regarding textbook check-out and returns.
    PSEO Guide to Success - The PSEO guide houses all policies, procedures and frequently asked questions for the PSEO program.

Upcoming PSEO Events



What classes can a PSEO student take?

PSEO students typically take general education courses. Please refer to the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) Program Guide for a list of eligible general education courses offered at Century College.

It is very important that you work with your high school counselor to ensure you are taking courses that meet your high school graduation requirements.

Many Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses are also available for PSEO students to take. View the Additional PSEO Course List document for more details. 

Some courses are restricted for PSEO students.

Will my PSEO classes transfer?

We understand that many PSEO students plan to transfer their Century College courses to another 2 or 4-year institution. The Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE) has a useful tool on their website to determine if your PSEO classes taken at Century College will transfer to your institution(s) of choice. Please follow the link below to access the tool under the heading, "Do All Colleges and Universities Accept These Credits?"

*Please note, this tool will only show colleges & universities located in Minnesota.

You may also utilize Transferology. This website will allow you to search course-by-course to see how classes transfer to specific universities, including those institutions outside the state of Minnesota.

*Please Note: Transferology will only show classes that have been transferred between schools previously and only includes colleges and universities that belong to the website. If a school or class is not on the website this does not indicate the course will not transfer or that the school will not accept your credits. Please contact your Academic Advisor or the other institution to determine if the course will transfer.

Can I attend PSEO full-time?

PSEO students are able to be a part-time or full-time student at Century College. At the college, a full-time student takes 12 credits or more/semester. A part-time student takes 11 credits or less/semester. 

The high school may have a different definition of what they consider to be a part-time versus full-time PSEO student.

We recommend PSEO students take no more than 16 credits/semester. The maximum number of credits a PSEO student can take is 18/semester.

Do Juniors or Seniors interested in taking only one Career or Technical Education course need to complete the PSEO application and meet the requirements?

No. Juniors and Seniors can take one Career or Technical Education (CTE) course as a PSEO student regardless of class rank or GPA if they meet the following: public school student and have a test score that meets or exceeds the standards on the 8th grade MCA reading test and meet the prerequisites of the course they are hoping to enroll in. Each subsequent semester students can take additional CTE courses regardless of rank or GPA as long as they meet the prerequisite of the course (ACCUPLACER or ACT testing).

Juniors and Seniors can select a course from the Approved Courses for 10th Grade PSEO guide sheet.

What classes are 10th grade PSEO students eligible to take?

The first semester a student is in the 10th Grade PSEO program, they may register for one course found on the Approved Courses for 10th Grade PSEO document. This list encompasses career and technical course options.

If the 10th Grade PSEO student receives a grade of C or higher in their first semester course, they can then register their second semeseter for additional career/technical courses or general education focused courses. The maximum credits students can register for during their second semester is 18 credits.