Summer Bridge Academy at Century

The Summer Bridge Academy is designed to help you be successful in college-level courses in the fall and to ease your transition to college. If you are a first-year college who student recently graduated from high school, or just somebody starting college to make a change in your life this program is designed to be a free alternative to developmental education courses, saving you time and money. The Summer Bridge Academy will help ease the transition to college life by providing you the opportunity to build your confidence as a scholar while networking with fellow students and Century College staff and faculty. Our emphasis will be making sure that you know how to use all of the technology most Century College instructors use in their classes - face to face, hybrid or online.

Why You Should Participate

Enhance Your Skills and Knowledge

Program courses are focused on building knowledge and skills in reading, writing, and/or math. You will also gain success strategies such as time management, study skills, technology skills, and financial literacy. With individualized support from Century College faculty and staff this program will not only help you become a stronger student, but can help you focus on the road ahead, potentially saving you time and money.

Meet Fellow Students

The Summer Bridge Academy is ideal for getting to know peers who can support you during the program and beyond. The program enrolls a small cohort of students, providing ample opportunity for you to get to know other college students as you work, learn, think, and have fun together.

Plan for Your Future

In addition to preparing you for the near future of starting college in the fall, the Summer Bridge Academy is a chance to think and dream even bigger. Century College can assist you in considering your academic and career goals and help map out the best path to achieving them.

Explore What Century College Has to Offer

Century College is bursting with resources that are at your disposal and can help you succeed in college and beyond. Through the Summer Bridge Academy, you have an opportunity to learn about resources and services such as tutoring, counseling, career services, academic support centers, campus events, and more.

Get a Return On Your Investment

The Summer Bridge Academy requires an investment of your time. However, choosing to invest in yourself pays. If you meet all the program requirements, you will earn a $200 scholarship toward your fall semester tuition upon successful completion of the Summer Bridge Academy when you register for fall courses. Getting placed in college level courses also helps save you time and money later.

Course Descriptions


This 16-hour “mini-course” will help you prepare to participate successfully in college writing courses. We will review and practice a range of writing skills, including producing essays with effective paragraphs, authentic voice, and sentence variety. In addition, you will learn to use writing as a tool for both improving study skills and responding to readings.



This 16-hour summer class will help you prepare to participate successfully in college-level math courses. We will review and practice a range of mathematical skills, including manipulating and factoring algebraic expressions, graphing linear equations, solving equations involving first and second degree polynomials, as well as rational and radical expressions and understanding the properties of a function. In addition, you will learn study strategies, computer skills, and identify academic resources at Century College.



The Summer 2020 program dates are July 7 - July 30.

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