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Transfer Student Orientation

students at orientation
Summer semester orientation emails will start going out the week of March 19. Fall semester emails will go out the beginning of May.

We are excited you are interested in attending Century College to continue your education! Our orientation team has provided you with the Online Orientation option.

Depending on your major, if you have completed college level credits at another institution, you may be eligible to complete the online orientation. However, if you choose the online orientation option, you are declining the chance to meet with an advisor to discuss transcripts or course selection before the semester begins. If you need help choosing courses, we recommend an on-campus orientation.

On-Campus Orientation

If you plan to pursue one of the following Century College technical programs, you MUST attend an on-campus orientation session:

Signing Up

You will receive an email with information regarding signing up for your New Student Orientation. Expect your email to arrive just before your term of enrollment begins:

When will you start classes at Century College? Expect your invitation to Orientation to arrive:
Fall semester Beginning of May
Spring semester Beginning of November
Summer semester End of March

Faculty members from the technical programs are excited to meet you in person to provide you with in-depth information. That is why they make it a requirement for you to attend an on-campus orientation. You’ll leave orientation more familiarized with the program!

Online Orientation Requirements

To complete orientation online, you must submit your transcript(s). Once your transcript(s) is received, you will receive an email with a link to view Century College’s online orientation. The process may take up to two weeks if sending your transcripts from another institution. Read the confirmation page at the end of the online orientation, as it contains important information about when you will be allowed to register for classes at Century College.

If you choose to complete the online orientation, you will be declining the right to meet with an advisor for course selection. If you need help choosing courses, please sign up for an on-campus orientation.

International Students

In addition to attending an orientation, you are also required to attend the International Student Orientation before you can register for classes. Your acceptance letter from Century College will contain the date of your International Student Orientation.

Start Planning

  • Visit GPS LifePlan to start thinking about course selection and your major/career options before orientation.
  • Prior to orientation, you may review how some of your courses or credits will transfer to and from Century College through Transferology.

Parents and Family Members

Family and friends play a huge role in your success! Unfortunately, due to classroom capacity, they are not able to sit with you during your orientation. However, make sure to share with them the information you get at your orientation so they are able to help you transition successfully.


Accommodations for a disability (e.g., wheelchair accessibility, interpreter, Braille or large print materials) are available through our Disability Services upon advance request. Please contact the Disability Services at 651-779-3354 a week prior to attending your orientation if assistance is needed.