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Find yourself going down that YouTube or TikTok rabbit hole more frequently these days? Do you like watching America’s Got Talent, Ridiculousness, or America’s Funniest Home Videos? How much more fun would it be if those videos featured you, your teachers, and friends? Coming in February 2021, a “talent” show like no other. Century College presents QuaranTV! A unique streaming show that highlights the talent, and the tom-foolery of the Century College student body and staff. We are looking for your best and worst videos. Have a new talent you have taught yourself during COVID? Put it on film for the world to see. Have a talent you have practiced for years? Send us a video of your hard work. Do something totally embarrassing that makes you laugh every time you see it? Let us laugh with you! Submissions can be sent to BoxOffice@century.edu as a link or a video file and will be accepted until January 27th. Please keep videos to around 3 minutes, but let your creative mind go wild. Watch for challenges to be posted to our various social media accounts for additional chances to be part of the fun!

Century Playhouse Theatre Company

Proudly and Excitedly Presents

A Brand-New Musical Specifically Written for our Pandemic Times:


Music by Jason Howland, Lyrics by Nathan Tysen, Libretto by Kait Kerrigan and Rachel Axler


We, the creative staff of the Century Playhouse Theatre Company at Century College, are thrilled to be able to produce this whacky, murder mystery musical during the Spring 2021 season. This new musical, written by an amazing and creative Broadway team, with the objective of continuing quality musical theatre during the restrictions associated with the virus, has a twisted story filled with great music and fun characters. We are going to produce and rehearse this musical in a very unique and safe fashion which will be a joy for all involved… and it will be a delight for our audiences! Auditions, and the following rehearsals, will take place initially on Zoom from early February-March 12th. March 15th-Mid-April, rehearsals will take place on a set, designed by Will Slayden, in our West Campus Theatre at Century College. With the unique nature in which this new musical is written (with the pandemic in mind), we will be able to safely rehearse (using a ‘no touch’ staging format which the play’s structure enables) on stage wearing face masks and really cool face shields (which we will provide) and we will always be enforcing proper social distancing. In mid-April, using multiple cameras, we will be filming our production, editing it, and then broadcasting it online, over a two-week period (April 23-May 2nd), using the Showtix4U streaming platform in association with Music Theatre International. Note: Rehearsal and performance filming alternative arrangements have also been made (if adjustments are deemed necessary at some point during the rehearsal process) to address the ongoing corona virus status but still enabling us to film and stream the production.

I encourage you to get more information about this new musical by logging on to the Musical Theatre International website and click on their “A Killer Party: A Murder Mystery Musical” page. On that show page, click on the subheading: “Read for Free, Listen Along, and Watch the Trailer.” There you can: 1)read the entire script, 2)listen to the music, and 3)watch video clips of the musical! On pages iii & iv (at the start of the free script on the website) is the musical’s character listing & descriptions.

Production Specifics:

  • AUDITIONS: Open to All Students and Community Members:
  • To be held online using Zoom.
  • Days/Time: February 1st & 2nd, 2021 at 6:00PM
  • Those auditioning will log on to ZOOM where everyone can talk to each other.
  • A stage manager will invite each actor, one at a time, into a Breakout Room.
  • Each individual audition will last less than 5 minutes.
  • The audition will consist of:

A MAXIMUM one-minute prepared song cut of any style (but preferably pop, rock, or musical theatre). The actor may use a karaoke (no lyrics) musical accompaniment track (played in the background from a source other than the computer the actor is Zooming on to alleviate technical problems) OR the actor may sing acapella (no musical accompaniment).

The music director (Shirley Mier) may also do some pitch matching and/or vocal range checking.
The actor will tell a MAXIMUM one-minute prepared story about an audition or job interview experience (made-up or true); the key is in its animated and engaging delivery.
The actor may be asked a couple questions by the creative team.
  • Rehearsals: February 8th-March 5th, Monday - Thursday 6:00-9:30PM on Zoom.
  • Spring Break (March 6th-15th): No scheduled rehearsals at this time.
  • Rehearsals and Filming: March 15th-April 16th, Monday-Thursday 6:00-9:30PM on stage at the Century College Campus West Theatre.
  • Note: Not every actor will be called to every rehearsal or for the full evening of a rehearsal. An actor rehearsal call schedule will be shared with the cast once rehearsals begin.


When Varthur McArthur, the artistic director of a failing theatre in Duluth, [yes, this musical’s story takes place in our very own state!] invites his troupe of disgruntled actors and collaborators to the first read of an “immersive murder mystery dinner party,” no one knew that he would be the victim. Or did they? Enter the eager, determined, and untested Detective Case. After sequestering the guests into separate rooms (because, you know, social distancing), she gets down to finding out whodunnit, uncovering secret affairs, life-long grudges, backstage drama, and a lot of musical theatre song and dance. Sifting through lies and red herrings and a truly baffling murder mystery script left by the deceased, Case vows to find the truth and secure her future as a great detective. (Music Theatre International). For more information: Email paul.aberasturi@century.edu

About the Theatre Program

Century College's Theatre program is a revitalized performance and technical theatre training area of study which provides our students, as well as participating members from the broad area communities, with the opportunity to enhance individual talents and crafts in the theatrical arena. For tickets, contact the Box Office at 651-748-2623.

Our Theatre program offers an Associate in Fine Arts in Theatre. Over the course of the year, the Theatre program produces three to four plays and musical productions for the public. Along with its high quality, insightful, and entertaining productions, the program courses offer an invigorating study of the arts.

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