What is Brother 2 Brother (B2B)?

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    B2B is a chapter of the Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB), a national student organization designed to improve the educational experience and successful completion of college among (but not limited to) African American and Latino male students.

    B2B members embrace leadership by being positive examples for each other through strong commitment to academic achievement, brotherhood, and community service.

Why is Brother 2 Brother the program for me?

Students benefit from the program by gaining support through one-on-one academic planning assistance, connection with peers, career exploration, network development, campus involvement and leadership development.

How does Brother 2 Brother work?

As a program, we embrace our core values of commitment to education, integrity and self-discipline, proactive leadership, service to community, success and unity. We accomplish this through our weekly topical based discussions, study group sessions, hosting of guest speakers and attending conferences.

Am I eligible?

It is fairly easy to become eligible for participation. B2B participants are expected to commit to and meet the requirements of maintaining satisfactory academic progress, attend weekly group and study group sessions, monthly check-ins with program coordinators and one’s own growth and development.

How do I join?

Due to recent staffing changes, the program will be accepting new students starting Fall 2019. Please contact the Multicultural Center with questions at multicultural.center@century.edu or (651) 773-1709.


Multicultural Student Center, (651) 773-1709