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IMPACT Program

IMPACT Program Header
IMPACT: Inspire. Motivate. Positive. Aspire. Confidence. Triumph.

Application deadline: May 15, 2020

  • IMPACT Program Students

    The IMPACT program is a college access and support program for underrepresented students interested in attending Century College. The program supports students through fostering skills for academic success and personal growth in college and beyond.  As part of the IMPACT program, students receive:

    • One-on-one support from program coordinators
    • Access and connection to campus resources
    • Support from program peers
    • Leadership opportunities
    • Incentives

Eligibility & Expectations

  • IMPACT Program Students

    To be eligible, you must meet one or more of the listed qualifications:

    •  Pell Grant-eligible or undocumented student
    •  Student of color
    •  First-generation college student

    You must also graduate from one of these school districts:

    • Saint Paul Public Schools
    • Roseville Area Schools
    • Stillwater Area Public Schools

Participants are expected to attend and participate in the different IMPACT events over their time at Century College. This includes a mandatory kick-off event, attending at least 2 IMPACT seminars (or other academic workshops) over the year, and IMPACT leadership activities. You must also maintain a satisfactory GPA of 2.0 or higher. 

IMPACT Program Checklist

IMPACT Visit Day

  • IMPACT Visit Day

    The IMPACT Visit Day is an opportunity for participating high schools to visit Century College!

    The event is hosted by the Multicultural Center and will include breakout sessions, lunch, a college tour, and a student panel from current IMPACT students. More details to come.

IMPACT Program Materials

New materials for the 2020 IMPACT Program will be available soon. Please check back within the next few weeks in October!


Please email with questions.