Student Conduct & Behavior

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Century College is committed to providing a supportive and safe environment conducive to learning. The conduct and behavior team, along with all faculty and staff, are committed to:

  • Protecting the interests and rights of the Century community by facilitating College and Minnesota State System policies and procedures.
  • Holding students accountable and challenging them to accept responsibility for their behavior through a developmental and restorative-based process.
  • Providing an opportunity for students to develop leadership and critical thinking skills through the context of educational sanctioning.
  • ​Providing interventions and support services.
Student Code of Coduct Violations Academic Honesty Violations

Students at the College are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the College’s function as an institution of higher education. As a community of learners and scholars, all are expected to maintain conduct which assures orderly pursuit of educational objectives, positive regard for the rights of others, and a safe environment.

Anyone who is part of the Century College community, including students and employees, can report an alleged student conduct violation.

Report a Conduct Violation

As members of the college community, students assume the responsibility to fulfill their academic obligations in a fair and honest manner. This responsibility includes but is not limited to avoiding inappropriate activities such as cheating, collusion, or plagiarism.

This report is for faculty use only. Faculty use this report to submit student Academic Honesty violations.

Report an Academic Honesty Violation

Related Policies

Students: for other college complaints or concerns, please go to myCentury.

Other Resources

Public Safety

If this is an emergency, please contact 911. If you have a situation requiring immediate attention on campus, please call Campus Public Safety at 651-747-4000.