The variety of active clubs and organizations at Century College sets us apart. Our students are involved and want to make a difference at Century College.

Whether you would like to join student government, a club that fits your interests, or simply stay active and meet new people, the clubs and organizations at Century College provide you with a variety of options.

And if you don't see one that fits your interests, start your own!

Get involved!

Students using the ropes course on West Campus.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information

Student Life is now offering our services 100% online for the 2020 Summer term. Please check back here or on our Facebook page for the most up to date information.


Academic Programs

Addiction Counseling Club

Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Contact: Al Brown, 651-779-3457, E2258c

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

Explores careers and current trends in interior design.

Contact: Sarah Skogstrom–Rodriguez, 651-747-4043

Dental Assistant Community

Members explore careers and plan campus events.

Contact: Kelly Scheurer, 651-779-5814, E3682

Education Club

This club focuses on those pursuing and supporting education as a field. Please contact club advisor below for dates and location this semester. 

Contact: Adam Rambow, 651-779-3959, E3959 

Kitchen and Bath Design

This club focuses on networking and educating in the Kitchen & Bath Design field. 

Contact: Margaret Krohn, 651-748-2600, E1312

Nursing Club

Pre-nursing and nursing students connect and invite leaders of the profession to come and speak on interesting nursing topics. Please contact advisor for up to date meeting time and location.

Contact: Shelly Graening, 651-779-3440

Orthotic and Prosthetic Student Association (OPSA)

Members plan eight campus events annually. Raise awareness of Orthotics and Prosthetics throughout the community. Plan two annual fundraisers for Orthotic and Prosthetic related causes. Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Contact: Joanna Kenton, 651-444-2087, E1357

Rad Tech Community

Members explore radiology as a career and plan campus events.

Contact: Laura Littleton, 651-779-3350, E3261


Horticulture Club

For anyone and everyone interested in the world of horticulture. Please email or contact our advisor for more club info.

Contact: Brian Schlottman, 651-748-2616, W3384

All College Student Events

Planning Activities Committee (PAC)

Members plan and execute campus-wide events including Wood Duck Days, Fright Walk and Blizzard Blast.

Meeting: Every Thursday at 11:00am in the GPS Lifeplan Center (W1230)

Contact: Malena Vang, W1216


Badminton Club

The Badminton Club is alive and well and would like to invite you to join. Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Contact: Chris Yahnke, 651-779-3322, W1213

Flag Football Club

A flag football organization that incorporates other activity into its mission.

Contact: Chris Yahnke, 651-779-3322, W1213

Career and Professional

BEAM Club (Business, Entrepreneur, Accounting, Management)

This club is open to any student interested in business, entrepreneurship, accounting, and marketing. Currently this club is under construction, so look for more information coming soon.

Contact: Lynn Smaagard, E2243

Charitable and Social Change

Love Your Melon

This is the local branch of the nation wide Love Your Melon organization. 

Contact: Brittany Kerschner, 651-779-3340, W3394

Social Change Community

Transforming ourselves and our communities through education, intentional awareness, and authentic relationships.

Meeting: Every Wednesday at 1:00-2:00pm in W2560

Contact: Angela Coffee, 651-779-3406, W3364

Ethnicity, Language, and Culture

American Sign Language Club

Members educate on ASL and deaf culture. Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Contact: Patricia Secrest, 651-779-5766, W1234

Asian Student Association

Open to anyone. Members celebrate and educate the campus community about different Asian cultures and identities. Events includes the annual Eggroll Sales, Lunar New Year Celebration, and so much more!

Contact: Pa Ku Lee, 651-773-1793, W1222

Black Student Association

Members celebrate and promote African American history and community. Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Meeting: Every Tuesday from 2-4pm in W2520

Contact: Elizabeth Murry, 651-779-3917, W2465

Chinese Culture Club

Members plan and host various educational events on campus.

Contact: Yanmei Jiang, 651-773-1760, W3363

International Student Association

Mission: To be united as an international student community despite our diversified lingual, cultural, national and religious backgrounds across the world. And to strengthen individuals of this community by building confidence among the international students as they face a new challenging environment while they do studies in USA.

Contact: David Mekala, 651-773-1702, E2699

Karen Club

Members celebrate and promote educational opportunities regarding the Karen culture. Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Contact: Steve Odmark, 651-779-5836, W1117

Movimiento Latino

Members celebrate and promote education on the Latino culture. Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Contact: Yessica Santana, 651-747-4089, W1224

Spanish Club

Welcomes Spanish speakers and those who want to learn, and plans a variety of activities, including salsa lessons. Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Contact: Marcela Estibill, 651-779-5780, W2073

Fine and Performing Arts, Communication, and Design

Anime Club

Come and meet people who love Anime! Everyone is Welcome! Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Contact: John Anderl, 651-747-4058, W1118; Neil Johnston, 651-779-3202, W1053

Art Club

Open to anyone!

Meeting: Every Wednesday in W1040

Contact: Robbie Spencer, 651-773-1724, W1052

Drawing Club

Do you like to draw? Us too! Email the advisor to get more info about The Sketchbook Society

Meeting: Every Tuesday & Thursday at 3:15-5:30pm in W1070

Contact: Dawn Saks, 651-779-3966, W1061

Film Club

Members meet to discuss and appreciate all types of film. 

Contact: Nicole Hinrichs, 651-779-3394, W2104

The Century Times/Student Newspaper

Members develop and produce the Century Times newspaper. We meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:10-2:00pm via Zoom. Please contact the club advisor for the Zoom link. All students are welcome!

Contact: Cathy Crea, 651-747-4060, W3401; Eric Harmon, 651-779-3408, W3362

Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club is meeting over Zoom. Join us for meetings from 11am - 12pm on Fridays. Zoom meeting link: clink here. Password: beret.

All students are welcome!

Contact: Amy Fladeboe, 651-748-2622, W3394; Laurel Smith, 651-779-3386, W3382


Chess Club

The Chess Club is formed for the purpose of playing chess. The club provides both formal and informal play and a chance to learn! For more info email the advisor below.

Contact: Mike Moris, 651-779-3203, E1417

Gamers Club

This new club is your one stop for all your gaming interests and needs! The club doesn't focus on any one specific game or type, but shares a general appreciation for all that is gaming. To join or for more info, email the advisor listed below.

Contact: Erik Halvorson, 651-773-1747, W2410A

League of Legends

Members focus on the game League of Legends community. Please contact advisor with any questions, including time and date of meeting this semester.

Contact: Chris Yahnke, 651-779-3322, W1213

Gender and Sexuality

P.R.I.D.E. (People Representing Intersectionality, Diversity, & Excellence)

Members gather to discuss and explore gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally issues.

Meeting: every Wednesday at 12:00-2:00pm in the West Cafeteria Conference Room (W1420)

Contact: Chris Yahnke, 651-779-3322, W1213


Student Senate

Student Senate acts as the "voice of the student body" for the students here at Century College. If you'd like to get more involved shoot Jenn an email for more info!

Meeting: Every Wednesday at 2:30pm in W1420

Contact: Jenn Rassett, 651-779-4015, W1211

Turning Point USA

Educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.

Contact: Renee Zima, 651-779-5551, E1427

Health and Fitness

Nutrition and Wellness Club

All Century College students interested in Nutrition Science, especially, Health Sciences students who want to connect with other like-minded students and explore nutrition as a topic and its relation to human health. Come join us. Please contact club advisor for up to date meeting time and location.

Contact: Anna Gryczman, 651-748-2634

Pumping Ducks Club

Come get your pump on with the Pumping Ducks. This club is all about fitness and well being.

Contact: Pheng Vang, 651-779-5821, W2526

Honorary Societies

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is Honors Organization that explores scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and service. 

Meeting: Email the advisors for Zoom meeting link!

Contact: Chris Yahnke, 651-779-3322; Rahul Kane, 651-779-3467, E2842
PTK office, 651-779-3333, W1214

Military and Veterans

Veteran's Club

Club supports and celebrates the Veterans of the Armed Forces. Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Contact: Steve Anderson, 651-779-5761, W3422

Religious and Spiritual

Epic Movement

This group meets regularly for Bible Studies. 

Contact: Carol Jacobson, 651-747-4062, W3407

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Members plan campus events and meet weekly for Bible study and fellowship. Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Contact: Steve Odmark, 651-779-5836, W1117

Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM) Campus Fellowship

All are welcome, come as you are, it does not matter what stage you are or what you may be going through. Come, let us navigate to it together through practical problem solving meetings organized to help fulfill our destiny. Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

We meet via Zoom every Sunday at 3pm. Meeting ID: 657 782 771. Password: 689804.

Contact: Israel Emmanuel, 651-494-2500, E2788

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Computer Science

Members partake in all things computer science to expand, educate, and network within the field. 

Contact: Zakaria Banani, 651-779-3945, W3077

Dehackers Club

Activities, speakers, and their events around the area of computer forensics.

Contact: Kristy Livingston, 651-779-5833, E1741

Energy Club

Members explore careers and plan campus events.

Contact: Scott Randall, 651-747-4042, E1376

Engineering Club

Members explore careers and plan campus events.

Contact: Megan Jaunich, 651-748-5329, E2843

Information and Telecommunication Association

Members participate in professional development events and learn about careers in the IT field.

Contact: Luke Andresen, 651-779-3236, E1744

Women in STEM

Please contact the club advisor to get involved!

Contact: Megan Jaunich, 651-748-5329, E2843