Wood Ducks in the Wild

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Wood Ducks In the Wild

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    Looking for exploration opportunities? How about a chance to develop yourself and your leadership skills? Or maybe you’re just looking to make new friends. Student Life is offering a variety of affordable outdoor recreational trips ranging in skill level and location. Each trip is designed to encourage experiential learning through hands-on camping, hiking, canoeing, and biking trips. Students will take away learning outcomes that better connect to their personal leadership skills while exploring our great state of Minnesota, and beyond.

Below are all of the locations we plan to visit (green) or have visited in the past (gray)!

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

This year we will be offering a variety of outdoor expeditions. Each trip is designed to encourage experiential learning through hands-on experiences and challenges. Students will take away learning opportunities that better connect themselves to their personal leadership development and the "Great Outdoors". 

Please check back here for any updates or email studentlife@century.edu or call 651-779-5765 for further questions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wood Ducks in the Wild?

  • Wood Ducks in the Wild is a Student Life programming effort, in collaboration with Campus Recreation and DUCKS Leadership.  The program aims to help students explore leadership skills, personal growth, and social awareness.  Students will better develop a sense of self-confidence while fostering sensitivity toward the environment, and grow into sustainable citizens.
  • Each trip is designed to encourage experiential learning through hands-on camping, hiking, canoeing, and biking trips. Students will take away learning outcomes that better connection to their personal leadership skills while exploring our great state of Minnesota.

I’ve never been camping (kayaking, canoeing, hiking), I’m nervous.

  • You don’t need experience to participate.  All trips are listed by skill level.  We try and offer multiple trips each summer with varying skill levels. If you are a beginner, you can participate at the intermediate or advanced level, but be prepared to learn-quick!  If you are an experienced camper, our integrated experiential education activities will help you advance your outlook on team-work. Before each trip, all participants will be required to attend a brief orientation to get the nuts and bolts of what and how to prepare.

What can I expect to happen once we get to our destination?

  • Activities include, but are not limited to: hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, biking, spelunking, swimming, and geo-catching.If camping specifically is involved, you can expect: making base camp, setting up a tent, and cooking. 
  • If designated before trip; students can expect to participate in experiential education activities that hone in on team-work, team-building, self-awareness, communication, listening, activism, culturally responsiveness, and more. 

How much will this cost me, and what will I get in return?

  • Trip costs vary based on the required resources. Day hiking trips will be minimal costs, while multi-day trips will require a higher student cost/deposit. The deposit secures your spot and go towards supplies or rentals. All trips far exceed your cash input, so you're getting your monies worth. Included in your entry cost: food, camping site reservation, vehicle rental, vehicle gas, camping supplies, outfitter fee (if needed), and MN State Park pass.

I’m worried about the level of accessibility for me, how can I be sure I can participate?

  • We try our hardest to ensure most, if not all, trips are accessible to all abilities.  We cannot guarantee ALL trips and activities will be accessible, therefore, if you have a concern, please let us know.  We will work with you to make sure we can accommodate your needs as best as possible. 

I’m worried about the sleeping arrangements.

  • If tents or cabins are needed, we do NOT require sleeping arrangements to be gendered.  If you have a preference to share a tent with someone(s) we can work with you to try and make that happen.  We understand that there are a multitude of reasons as to why you may not be able to share sleeping spaces with people of another gender, but please understand that this is an opportunity to go beyond your comfort level.  Century College does have camping supplies, but if you have your own tent, you are allowed to bring it.  Please know, state parks have limit to tents per camping site—sharing tents is a high possibility. 

Will I have access to the internet or my phone?

  • Short answer—maybe.  Depending on the location, we cannot guarantee there will be service.  There will be no public wifi, and data connection may be limited.  For example: in the Boundary Waters there is ZERO cell phone or internet service.
  • While advisors will have cell phones for emergency purposes, please know, you will be asked & highly encouraged to limit and emit cell phone and technology use.  This is an opportunity to connect to nature and those around you.    

What type of equipment should I bring?

  • Century College has a LIMITED collection of camping equipment, including: tents, sleeping pads, footprint, fishing poles, snowshoes, skis, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, and camping chairs.
    • We will not require you to purchase any camping equipment, but if you'd prefer to bring your own you may.
    • You will need the following essentials: hiking boots (something covering your ankle is preferred), breathable clothing (cotton is not preferred), rain jacket, pillow, sleeping bag (or a blanket), and reusable water bottle (this is a MUST).
    • We will provide an all-inclusive list during the orientation before each trip

How do I get started?

  • Anyone interested will be required to fill out an application.  Because spots are limited (6-15 students depending on the trip), students will be chosen based on timing of application submission, deposit paid in full, and student interest.  We want to provide everyone an opportunity to participate—therefore, denote trips in order of preference on your application.  If there is an abundance of applications, we will try to get you signed up for all trips you’ve expressed interest in, but at the very least, we will try to get your top selection(s).

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact studentlife@century.edu or call 651-779-5765