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Intramurals will be offering a variety of exciting COVID conscious programming this Fall semester, both virtual and some in-person. Please check the main Student Life page or on our Facebook page for the most up to date information. 

Virtual Intramural and Recreation Schedule

**Zumba has been postponed for the time being due to instructor illness. 
  • Stay Active - Here are our Suggestions

    Since options are limited, we wanted to provide you some tips for staying active during the ever-changing state of affairs. 

    Get Outside if You Can

    Check the latest CDC or state-sanctioned guidelines on the specifics for your area. Take a wake, hike, jog, bike, paddle, or even camp - just maintain a safe distance from others. If you have a dog, you've already got a walking buddy. Maybe you can pick up gardening or yard work protects too. The fresh air and sun will benefit your mental health as well.

Make it a Social Activity

Try to include friends or family in your exercises. There are tons of ways to connect virtually while you work out. Maybe create a challenge with schedules check-ins. 

Track Your Workouts

As suggested above, try out different fitness apps or even a journal to help you stay accountable and motivated. Set goals and progress updates. Having such goals will help give you a sense of motivation and that emotional boost to keep you going. 

Add Movement into your Routine

Even though many are still homebound, you can still find ways to add movement into your day. This physical activity can be a beneficial lifestyle addition in these times. 

  • Use Chores: Household tasks can all add up if done at a brisk pace. Try adding music and movement too!
  • Exercise during Breaks: During your workday or even commercial breaks, add a workout movement. Try squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, lunges, or running in place. 
  • Move Around the House More: Walk around while making takes. Take a lap around the house. Add a standing desk for work at home. Take your stairs a few more times a day. 

Take Advantage of Technology

Many trainers and gyms are offering virtual or altered classes. There are many free workout videos on YouTube as well. You can also gamify your workouts with apps and social connectivity as well! Wii and Kinect have options as well as many paid and free apps. Challenge your friends and family to add motivation!

Other Recreational Activities (Postponed)

Learn more about our Wood Ducks in the Wild program here!

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