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Student Life is now offering our services online for the 2020 Summer term. Please check back here or on our Facebook page for the most up to date information.

If you are interested in becoming involved with a campus club or organization, this is the place to start!

Starting a Club

  1. Find students who are interested in joining the club.
  2. Find an advisor. If you need help with this, contact Jenn Rassett, Director of Student Life and Leadership Development.
  3. Develop a Club Constitution. For assistance with this, consult the Club Handbook or the Director of Events.
  4. Petition to and attend Student Senate Executive Board meeting.
  5. Establish a club email and get the information to the Student Senate.
  6. The Senate Executive Board will submit a recommendation to the general Student Senate.
  7. Attend a general Student Senate meeting for final approval.

Money and Budgets

Whether you are requesting money for your club or you are looking for ways to utilize funds already allocated, this is the place to be.

The "requesting money" section of this page describes the budgeting process for acquiring funds for your club. It provides forms and documents that you will need for this process.

The "spending money" section of this page provides a detailed description of the purchasing process and the forms needed to make this happen.

If you have any questions about this process please do not hesitate to contact the advisor of the organization or the Director of Student Life and Leadership Development, Jenn Rassett.

Requesting Money from Student Life

Original Budget

  • Complete a Detailed Budget Request Form
  • Submit to the Dean of Student Affairs, Kristin Hageman.

If You Need More Money

  • Complete Budget Summary Request Form
  • Submit to the Dean of Student Affairs, Kristin Hageman, by the third Friday of the month.

Keeping Track of Your Budget

  • Each club is responsible for keeping track of their own budget. However, if you ever want to double check on your amount, please contact Jenn Rassett or Kristin Hageman.

Spending Money from Student Life

There are three different avenues for spending club funds: advisor reimbursement, student reimbursement or purchase orders.

  • Advisor Reimbursement - The advisor pays for the activities/ supplies and is reimbursed after the event. Remember that tax is not reimbursable and you will need a copy of our "Tax Exempt" certificate.
  • Student Reimbursement - The student pays for the activities/supplies and is reimbursed  after the event. Remember that tax is not reimbursable and you will need a copy of our "Tax Exempt" certificate.
  • Purchase Order - an invoice (or purchase order) is drafted prior to the event and the event/activity is paid through the business office within 30 days after the event.

Reserving Space

In order to reserve space at Century College, the following process must be completed by an advisor:

  • Your advisor should email with your desired room times and dates (the times should include set up and take down).
  • They will then receive a confirmation email stating whether your request was approved or denied due to availability.
  • Once confirmation is received, your advisor will be asked to complete a Facilities Use Request Form (FURF) and submit it to
  • If reserving the Nest (West Campus), have your advisor contact Chris Yahnke

Facilities Use Request Form

  • Under the "Facilities" section, make sure you indicate the number of chairs and tables that are needed and the set up of the room, if applicable.
  • Under the "A-V Equipment" section, make sure that you indicate any audio visual needs (i.e. projectors, laptop, etc). If you include any A-V equipment in your request, make sure that you email the ITS HelpDesk, along with
  • Under the "Public Safety" section, you would indicate if there are any public safety needs. This is utilized mainly if your club event occurs after the normal Century College hours. This service requires a fee.

Other Available Items for Student Organizations

The following items are available for reserved use through the Director of Student Life and Leadership Development:

  • Hot/Cold Coolers
  • Digital Camera
  • Button Machine (cost associated with supplies)
  • Helium Tank (cost associated with balloons)
  • Coolers on Wheels
  • Gas Grills
  • Coffee Percolators
  • Spin Wheel