Where's Woody Wood Duck?

Welcome to the Woody Wood Duck Website Scavenger Hunt!

Participating is easy. Read the clue and navigate the Century website to find a picture of Woody on that resource’s page. Write down the number next to Woody’s picture and which page you found it on and enter it in the form below. Once you have completed all ten, submit the form and you will receive an email voucher for a free swag item from Student Life (coffee mugs, pizza cutters, t-shirts, etc). In addition, on the 1st Monday of each month we will draw a winner from the participants for a $50.00 gift card.

If you have any questions email studentlife@century.edu. Happy hunting!


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    Need some help from Uncle Sam
    Head to the place led by Pam
    Subsidized and unsubsidized are offered here
    Actually there are 4 types to ease your pecuniary fear


    This office can serve as your road map
    There are tons of resources you can tap
    You can make an appointment or walk right in
    You’ll always be met with a big Wood Duck grin


    Learning from home can be a test of will
    But it definitely does not have to be all uphill
    With these resources available all in one place
    Videos, tours, tutorials, and more will help your new learning space


    East, west, third, first
    This resource will help you so much you'll want to burst
    You can check availability and the hours too
    They have resources and help pages accessible for you


    Over 40 of these are offered here
    You can meet new people, advocate for a cause, or enhance your career
    Spanish, Senate, Nursing, or BSA
    All of them help enhance your day


    Healthcare, child care, transportation, food, and scholarships
    Just a few of the things this resource can help you with
    Through the campus and community resources and aid
    A few of your worries may start to fade


    Food, tickets, and rental gear
    You can meet friends, new and old, here
    Located on the first floor
    You'll leave wanting to come back for more


    They are on east and they are on west
    All are there to help you do your best
    Tutors and resources are available to help you out
    Math, Writing, and Languages are what some are about


    "A.C.T.I.O.N." is the mission of this office crew
    There are services and programs including the Power of You
    Stop in and see Corey, Yessi, Emily and Pa Ku
    You’ll be glad you did and you'll learn something too


    Does your cover letter need some help?
    Does the thought of working on your resume make you yelp?
    This resource can help with that and so much more
    You’ll be so excited, like Katy Perry, you'll "roar"

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