Information for Instructors

Teach for us!

We are always looking for new course ideas and instructors to teach inspiring topics. If you have an idea or a talent you would like to share, please complete our course proposal form.

For more information about continuing education program areas, contact one of our program directors.

Class Preparations


Once your proposal to teach a class is accepted, you’ll work with your Century College program planner to schedule the class based on student needs and room availability.

Proposals are reviewed and accepted year-round with semester deadlines as follows:

  • Fall (Sept-Dec): April 15
  • Spring (Jan-May): August 15
  • Summer (June-August): January 15

Contracts, Agreements & Payroll Materials

As the date of your class approaches, you'll receive a packet of materials from our instructional support staff, which will include:

  • Continuing Education Employment Agreement(s)/Contract
  • Century College map
  • Paycheck/advice stub tips (for employees on payroll)

Review, sign, and return the original agreement as soon as possible.  If you have any questions related to compensation, please contact your program director.

Technology Requests

If you require more than the standard equipment (data projector, flip chart, instructor computer and whiteboard), please contact Annette Mike.

If you are uncertain about how to use any equipment in the classroom, you can schedule a training session by contacting Cary Kern at 651-748-2607 or the IT Help Desk 651-779-3495.

Class Materials

Century College staff will complete any duplicating required for your class; however:

  • When you teach for us, you represent Century College and all materials should reflect the look and integrity of the Century College brand. Contact your program director for more information or to request a Century-branded template to use for class materials.
  • All duplicating requests should be sent TWO WEEKS in advance of the class start date. If we do not receive these materials two weeks in advance, you will need to have them copied at your own expense. (Note: No copying facilities are available on campus for last-minute duplicating, so please plan ahead.)
  • Email your handouts for duplicating to Annette Mike, Instructional Support Manager, Continuing Education Customized Training, Century College, 3300 Century Avenue North, White Bear Lake, MN 55110.
  • All materials will be run back-to-back and in black ink unless you have received approval from your program director.

The class attendance roster, duplicated materials, and class evaluation forms will be delivered to your classroom on the day or evening of your class. If you have a one-session class, Certificates of Completion will also be provided.

Classroom Keys

All classrooms are locked when not in use.

If you are teaching a single-session class, your classroom will be unlocked approximately 30 minutes prior to the start time.

If you are teaching a multi-session class, you will need to obtain a key to your classroom.  Contact your program director for a key.  At the end of your final class, place the key in the class materials envelope, along with the completed evaluation forms and class attendance roster.  Return the envelope to the Continuing Education office, EAST 2420.  If it is after office hours, slide the packet under one of the office doors.

Product or Service Promotion

Century College policy forbids product or service promotions. Materials sold in the classroom need prior administrative approval. For more information, contact your program director.

During Class


Check attendance at every class session.

Students Not on Your Roster

If a student has not registered, direct him/her to the Continuing Education Office, E2420, to register BEFORE attending class.

If this happens on a weekend, after 5:30 pm or at an off-campus location, use the extra registration forms in the packet of materials that has been left in your classroom. Unregistered students must complete the entire registration form. Note: If they decline to give a social security number, they must give a date of birth.

Payment may be made by check (payable to Century College) or credit card. Enclose any registration forms with other materials (class attendance rosters, evaluation forms, etc.) in the materials envelope.

Certificates and attendance rosters

One-session classes

Certificates are provided for all students on the class roster. At the end of your session, distribute certificates to students. Return unclaimed certificates in the materials envelope, along with your class attendance roster and class evaluations.

Students who register on the day of class will receive their certificate by mail.

Multiple-session classes

Take attendance at each class, using the roster provided. In order to issue the correct number of hours, we must know how many hours the student attended class. We cannot award hours for classes that were not attended.

Place your attendance roster and student evaluation forms in the materials envelope provided and return to the Continuing Education Customized Training office, E2420, or slide underneath the doors.

Return these materials after your SECOND TO LAST CLASS. We will prepare certificates to be handed out during the last class. Should a student miss the last class, return the certificate to the Continuing Education Office. We will adjust the number of hours earned and mail the certificate to the student.

Return your class roster after your second-to-last class. If you are unable to drop off the list, call our Instructional Support Specialist at 651-748-2607 to report attendance information (or fax to 651-779-5802, attention: Instructional Support Specialist) to ensure certificates are ready to distriute at your last class.

Class Evaluations

Evaluations are the primary method for students to provide feedback on the value of a course. Tallied results of certain portions of the evaluation are also required by Minnesota State.

Please encourage all students to fill out the evaluation forms. Place these forms in the materials envelope and return to the Continuing Education Office, East 2420.

Technology Concerns

If you need assistance with classroom technology, contact the IT Help Desk at 651-779-3495.  If you call after 6:30 PM, you may have to leave a message on the “emergency” option.  Be sure to include the campus, room number, and your name.  Messages are checked immediately.

Heating and Lighting Concerns

Call the Facilities Services Help Desk at 651-747-3474.


From a campus phone, dial 4000; otherwise, dial 651-747-4000.

Room Arrangement

You are welcome to rearrange the tables/chairs, but we ask that you return all equipment, tables, etc. to their original position at the end of your class.

Payroll and Contract Information

Instructors on Payroll

New employees will be sent a “token” email which contains a link to submit your personal and contact information, previous retirement participation, etc.  This email will also include a list of documents that you will need to print and bring into Century College’s Human Resource department.  After these steps are complete, and HR has entered your assignment into the system, you will need to access the Self-Service to complete your direct deposit and W-4 information.

You will receive an email from Human Resources with your employee number. If you need assistance, please contact Human Resources at 651-779-5804.

You can expect to receive payment approximately 4 weeks after you begin teaching. The payroll calendar can assist in determining when you should expect your deposit.

CECT Instructor Guide

Viewing your Pay Detail Report

MN Self-Service


Instructors Paid Through a Business or Sole Proprietorship

You will be paid directly by Century College at the end of your training. For more information, contact Barb LeClaire at 651-779-3303.

Emergency Procedures

In Case of Emergency

Should an incident arise that results in your inability to meet a class, please contact both your program director and the Continuing Education Office at 651-779-3341 as soon as possible so students can be notified.  Once a make-up date has been arranged between you and your program director, our staff will follow up with students.

Should you need security personnel while teaching your class on campus call 651-747-4000.

Campus-wide emergencies are addressed in your course packet.  In addition, procedures and processes should be displayed next to each classroom door.


Announcements regarding closing of state offices, including Century College, can be heard on WCCO Radio 830AM.

Closures are also announced on the Century College website.

Contact/Office Hours

Annette Mike
Instructional Support Manager
CECT Agreements/Contracts, Class Materials

Continuing Education Registration and Customer Service