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These courses benefit anyone who wants to ride safely on two wheels!

Participation in any of the following courses requires the completion and signing of the Motorcycle Safety Course Waiver, which must be submitted prior to or at the beginning of your first class.

Motorcycle safety and operational skills taught in-classroom and on-cycle by certified instructors including personalized coaching and practice.

  • Intro to motorcycling

    Introduction to Motorcycling

    This 4-hour course is for true novices who want hands-on instruction with motorcycle controls before taking the Basic Rider Course.

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  • Basic motorcycle training

    Basic Rider Course

    Learn how to ride, and earn your motorcycle license endorsement in this 14.5-hour course featuring 10 hours of on cycle training and 4.5 hours of classroom training.

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  • Intermediate rider course

    Intermediate Rider Course

    If you are comfortable on your own motorcycle or scooter, the 5-hour Intermediate Rider Course will build upon your existing skills and knowledge.

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  • Advanced Rider course

    Advanced Rider Course

    If you want razor-sharp, hazard-avoidance riding skills, try the 8-hour MN Advanced Rider Course where you'll hone the skills you need to avoid the dangers of the road, such as other drivers, deer and debris.

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  • Expert rider course

    Expert Rider Course

    If you've taken the Advanced Rider Course, your skills are sharper, you had a blast on your bike and you want more; you're ready to move up to the 8-hour MN Expert Rider Course where you'll master those crucial skills needed to escape the perils of the road.

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  • Training for trikes and sidecar rigs image

    3-Wheel Rider Course

    Newer and experienced 3-wheel operators can all benefit from this 4 hour course.

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