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According to Century College policies, dropping a course or totally withdrawing may result in a refund of tuition and fees. The method of refund is determined by the method of payment.

  • Refunds for payments made online with a credit card will automatically be refunded to that same card.
  • Refunds for payment by credit card not made online, cash, check, or e-check will be disbursed to the student based on your refund selection made at The college uses an external provider to process refunds, financial aid overages, and student payroll. The college's contract with this provider can be found here.

All refunds will be issued within 30 calendar days of the official drop/withdrawal from the course(s).

Summer Semester Refund Policy

Registration changes Drop/withdrawal from some, but not all classesDrop/withdrawal from all classes
Prior to 1st day of the semester (through May 27)100%100%
1st - 5th day of the semester (May 28-June 3)100%100%
6th - 10th day of the semester (June 4-10)0%50%
Remainder of the semester0%0%

Fall Semester Refund Policy

Registration changesDrop/withdrawal from some, but not all classesDrop/withdrawal from all classes
Prior to 1st day of the semester (through August 25)100%100%
1st - 5th day of the semester (August 26-30)100%100%
6th - 10th day of the semester (August 31-September 9)0%75%
11th - 15th day of the semester (September 10-16)0%50%
16th - 20th day of the semester (September 17-23)0%25%
Remainder of the semester0%0%


Canceled classes, college error, injury/illness, or family death.

Full (100%) refunds are given after the first five days of the semester when a class is cancelled. Refunds other than the scheduled amount may be given when there is a serious injury or illness, a death in the immediate family, or when there is college error. This is done through the petition process.

Complete a Refund or Late Withdrawal Petition form at the Business Office, room 2340, West Campus. Supporting documentation may be required. Refund requests must be made by the end of the following semester for the course in question. For additional information, please contact the Business Office at 651-779-3278.

Late-Start Courses

Courses starting after the first 5 days of the semester (August 26-30):

  • Refunds are calculated according to the beginning date of the course.
  • 100% refunds are available only through the day after the first scheduled class day.

Short Courses

For short courses running less than three weeks, 100% refunds are available only through the day after the first scheduled class day.

Refund Policy for Financial Aid Return to Title IV

If a student completely withdraws from all credits before the 60% point of that term, the financial aid disbursed is subject to the State and Federal Return of Title IV Funds. Students "earn" financial aid in proportion to the time they are enrolled up to the 60% point.

The unearned share of financial aid is returned in the following order:

  • Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan
  • Federal Subsidized Direct Loan
  • PLUS Loan
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal SEOG

State financial aid programs are refunded to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education/State of Minnesota. The student may be required to repay a portion of financial aid he/she received.

If a student withdraws before financial aid is disbursed, the student is responsible for the tuition due to the College.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing, if you have any questions regarding your possible repayment obligation.

Credit Balance Disbursement

A credit balance on your student account is created when you withdraw from a course per the refund policy deadlines and are entitled to a refund for payments already made or have excess financial aid remaining after all eligible charges on your account are paid in full.

For example, when your financial aid amounts exceed the total amount of tuition and fees billed to your student account, you will receive the excess funds. In this case, a disbursement will be processed in the amount of the excess funds per your refund selection made at If you choose to have a check issued to you, the check will be mailed to the current mailing address listed on your college record.

NOTE: If you drop or withdraw from classes, your financial aid may be adjusted and you may owe some or all of your credit balance back to the college.