According to Century College policies, dropping a course or totally withdrawing may result in a refund of tuition and fees. The method of refund is determined by the method of payment.

  • Refunds for payments made online with a credit card will automatically be refunded to that same card.
  • Refunds for payment by credit card not made online, cash, check, or e-check will be disbursed to the student based on your refund preference with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. The college uses an external provider to process refunds, financial aid overages, and student payroll. For more information about BankMobile Disbursements, visit their website. The college’s contract with this provider can be found here.

All refunds will be issued within 30 calendar days of the official drop/withdrawal from the course(s).

Summer Semester 2024 Refund Policy

Registration changes Drop/withdrawal from some, but not all classes Drop/withdrawal from all classes
Prior to 1st day of the semester (through May 19) 100% 100%
1st - 5th day of the semester      (May 20 - May 24)  100% 100%
6th - 10th day of the semester   (May 25 - June 3) 0% 50%
Remainder of the semester 0% 0%

Refunds are available for courses that start after the first 5 days of the semester. To receive a 100% refund, you must drop the course within one business day after the official first class date. You can find the exact drop date deadline for each course by referring to the online course schedule. There are no partial refunds.