Workforce Development Scholarship

Scholarship applications accepted through March 25, 2022

  • Student working in the Fab Lab on robotics.

    Launch your Career in a High-Demand Occupation!

    Minnesota employers are facing a critical shortage of workers with the skills needed for high-demand occupations. To address this shortage, the Minnesota Legislature and Governor have invested to create hundreds of Workforce Development Scholarships for students at Minnesota State colleges, including Century College.

Century College $2,500 Workforce Development Scholarships

Thanks to Legislative funding, the $2,500 Workforce Development Scholarships are available for new Century College students pursuing careers in the eligible degrees, diplomas, and certificates listed below. These give students the skill sets to enter into high-demand occupations after graduation.

Application Steps

1. Apply to Century College

If you haven’t already, complete your application to Century College. After admission to the college, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may also need to take assessment tests known as the ACCUPLACER.

Your ACCUPLACER scores indicate whether you are college-level ready. If you fall below college-readiness, you will be required to take free Reading / Writing courses at a partner facility and/or participate in one or both of the summer boot camp programs for math and/or literacy (more information available soon).

Even if your scores fall below college-readiness, you can still apply for the scholarship!

2. Complete the Scholarship Application

Your personal essay must demonstrate the motivation, drive, and commitment to achieving academic success while in pursuit of acquiring a Technology, Engineering, or Health Sciences Pathway degree or certificate.

You must also submit one letter of recommendation from a current teacher, instructor, career counselor, or community member.

The Foundation Scholarships page includes information on logging in to the application system for the first time.

Scholarship Policies

Preference will be given to students who are:

  • diverse,
  • non-traditional*, and/or
  • demonstrating financial need.

*Students whose gender is underrepresented in referenced fields of study.

Visit Financial Aid Scholarships for more information on scholarships at Century College.

Enrollment Policy: To be eligible for a Century College Foundation Scholarship, you must register for the minimum number of credits required by your scholarship and you must continue to meet all other criteria of the scholarship

Disbursement Policy: Scholarships are prorated between fall and spring semester. Which means you will receive half of your scholarship to go towards paying for Fall tuition and the other half will go towards Spring Semester. If a student does only attended one semester during the academic year, the remaining funds will be re-awarded. If an alternate student does not qualify, the funds will be returned to the scholarship account.

Cancellation Policy: The Century College Foundation reserves the right to revoke a scholarship if the recipient does not meet the criteria established by his or her scholarship.

Workforce Development Scholarship Renewal: A student who has received a scholarship may apply again, but total lifetime awards are not to exceed $5,000 over four semesters, per student. Students may only be awarded a second scholarship upon completion of two academic terms. Students may be awarded a third scholarship if the student transfers to a corresponding program at a Minnesota State university, up to a $7,500 maximum over three years.