Z-degree at Century College (Courses with Zero Textbook Costs)

Century College is committed to transforming lives through an innovative, rigorous, and compassionate approach to education.

As part of its commitment to students, Century College offers courses with zero-costs for textbooks or other instructional materials. This initiative allows any Century student to complete an Associate of Arts (AA) - Liberal Arts and Sciences degree and the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum package without the additional cost of textbooks. Zero-textbook-cost courses offer Century students an efficient way to reduce education expenses and complement in-class learning, while providing the same quality and challenging academic instruction.

Who can participate?

Zero-textbook-cost courses are open to all students regardless of intended major or academic goal. There is no special application to participate in a zero-textbook-cost course. Students may register for as many zero-textbook-cost courses as they want, as long as the course prerequisites are met.

How do I find/search for zero-textbook-cost courses?

Anyone can search for a zero-textbook-cost course via the Course Search page in eServices. To search specifically for zero-textbook-cost-courses:

  • Click on the "Expand/Collapse for Advance Search" dropdown menu.
  • Under textbook cost, select "No cost for textbooks"
  • Then click "Search" and all available zero-textbook-cost courses will appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn more about Z-degrees?

Any qualifying student may seek a Z-degree or take a zero-textbook-cost course. There is no special application process. Students simply register for Z-degree classes as desired/available. 

Can anyone take zero-textbook-cost classes?

Any student may take a zero-textbook-cost course as long as they meet the course prerequisites. Some Z-degree and zero-textbook-cost courses can count towards many of the academic programs and degrees here at Century. If you have questions about whether a course meets your degree requirements, please check your Degree Audit Report or schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.

Can I take some classes that are zero-textbook-cost and some that are not?

Sure! Z-degree classes are regular classes that do not require students to purchase a textbook. A student can earn the Associate of Arts (AA) in Liberal Arts and Sciences by taking all Z-degree courses, some Z-degree courses, or no Z-degree courses.

Why would I want to take zero-textbook-cost courses?

Z-degree, or zero-cost-textbook courses, are an opportunity to help you save money because you do not have to buy a textbook. Your courses will still meet the academic rigor and learning outcomes of courses that require textbooks.

How do I register for a zero-textbook-cost class?

1.    Inside e-services, click on Courses and Registration.

2.    When you Search for a Course, click on Expand/Collapse for Advance Search.

3.    Under this dropdown menu, you will see an option to search for Textbook Cost.

4.    Select No Cost for Textbook and then Search to view all available zero-textbook cost courses.

5.    If you need assistance with registering for the course, check out the Steps to Register guide.  

How do I access my materials for my zero-textbook-cost class?

How you will access your materials is dependent on what texts and educational resources your instructor chooses to use.  Typically, materials can be viewed on the web at no cost, however some materials may also be available in article or book form via local libraries. In some cases, materials may be downloaded to a laptop, tablet, phone, or other personal device. Technology resources (Chromebooks, etc.) may be available for students to borrow from the IT department at Century. Please reach out to the Student Help Desk at Century for more information on the availability of technology resources at Century.

What about course supplies/additional materials - are those free?

While there are not textbooks required for the course, there may be additional charges for class supplies such as a notebook, clay, yoga mat, or tools. Please refer to the Tuition and Fees section for each course for any additional course material costs.