An aerial view of the West Campus Main Commons during an event. 

In December 2020, the federal government passed the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA) Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund II (HEERF II), which allocated funds to higher education institutions across the nation. Similar to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act with HEERF I funds, the HEERF II funds are distributed in grants with appropriate use stipulations and requires institutions to disburse a portion of these funds in direct support to eligible students. The funds must be used to cover expenses related to students’ cost of attendance or for emergency costs that arise due to COVID-19, such as tuition, food, housing, health care (including mental health care), child care, course materials, or technology. Institutions cannot require students to use funds to pay tuition or past due balances; however, students may choose to apply the funds toward tuition.

Statutory guidance requires Century College to distribute HEERF II funds to students at the same amount of funds as was distributed in CARES HEERF I, which Century had distributed $2,498,136. Century College will distribute approximately $3.5M of HEERF II funds to its students, which exceeds the required amount from CARES stimulus funds and includes $1M of HEERF II institutional funds. Century College will disburse funds directly to eligible students, starting with disbursing $2.1M in Spring 2021 and the remaining amount of funds of $1.4M will be disbursed in Summer and/or Fall 2021. In addition, up to $348,000 will be available for need-based emergency grants available to students via HEERF II CRRSAA Special Circumstance application using the same guidelines as CARES.;

The U.S. Department of Education required Century and all higher education institutions to prioritize the funds to support students with exceptional financial need. In Spring 2021, Century College identified Pell grant eligible students in which funds were directly disbursed to students, prorated based on Spring 2021 enrollments. Exceptions for Pell eligible students included students receiving senior citizen rate tuition and students receiving tuition waivers.

As of March 8, 2021, 2,371 students have received a total of $2,042,800.

As of April 29, 2021, 2,628 students received $2,254,900 of CRRSAA Base funds and 423 students received CRRSAA Special Circumstances grants of $348,500.

As of June 1, 2021, 2,628 students received $2,254,900 of CRRSAA Base funds and 416 students received CRRSAA Special Circumstances grants of $464,182.

As of June 30, 2021, 2,626 students received $2,254,900 of CRRSAA Base funds and 599 students received CRRSAA Special Circumstances grants of $519,182.

All funds have spent from the CRRSAA Student Funds and no additional awards will be given to students.