Century College’s Cybersecurity, Virtualization and Forensics computing program prepares students for careers in Cybersecurity, information assurance, computer incident, investigation, cyberspace ethics and computer law. Cybersecurity is the activity or process, ability or capability, or state whereby information and communications systems and the information contained therein are protected from and/or defended against damage, unauthorized use or modification, or exploitation.


This program is designed to fill a critical and growing need for cybersecurity personnel in the public and private sector. Students completing this curriculum will be capable of investigating and defending computer crimes/attacks, properly seize and recover computer evidence. Computer evidence may also be relevant in human resources, employment proceedings, civil disputes and criminal cases. Students will:

  • Conduct cyber investigations using advanced file access methods, reconstruction maneuvers, and data recovery processes to seize evidence
  • Protect computers and networks to defend against criminal and terrorist threats
  • Utilize the same advanced technologies and techniques as the CIA, FBI, and Fortune 500 companies

You could find yourself working in a broad spectrum of jobs. If you are interested in government and law enforcement, you could find employment with a local or state police department. You could also work in the federal government with the FBI, CIA, or various military branches. If you’re interested in a corporate environment, you could find employment with a Fortune 500 company, working alongside IT professionals on company policy violations.​