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Delivery: A mix of daytime, evening, Saturday, and online courses.
Start: Fall or Spring Semester, Summer Session, Full- or Part-Time.

About the Discipline

Our courses at Century focus on psychology as a scientific discipline, with classes covering general psychology, as well as:

  • Abnormal psychology: The study of mental illnesses and the treatment of those illnesses.
  • Developmental psychology: The study of how human beings change over time, from the prenatal period until death.
  • Neuroscience: The study of the brain and associated behaviors.
  • Statistics: The application of mathematics, research methods and theory to the study of psychology. 

Our courses focus on studying human behavior and development in the context of a diverse and rapidly changing world. We use a mix of lecture, discussion, and hands-on activities to encourage students to apply the science of psychology to real-life situations.

Potential Careers for Psychology Majors

Students interested in a career in psychology typically transfer to a four-year college or university after completing the AA degree. A bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology prepares a student to work in many fields since employers often want employees to know about psychological principles. Such fields include:

  • marketing
  • education
  • early childhood settings
  • sales
  • human resources
  • hospital work
  • mental health-related fields
  • churches
  • law enforcement
  • social services
  • government
  • colleges and universities

Many occupations within the field of psychology require a graduate degree either at the master or doctoral level. These include psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist, educational and school psychologist, psychometrics psychologist, consultants, industrial and organizational psychologist, academic researchers, and professors.

Points of Pride

  • Dr. Jessie Breyer was awarded the MPA “Outstanding Teaching of Psychology in Community/Two-Year College Award” in 2014.
  • Peer tutoring is typically available for PSYC 1020 and PSYC 1041 through the Peer Tutoring Center. In addition, select courses also utilize the Tutors Linked to Classes program (TLC program).
  • We offer courses in a variety of formats, including lectures paired with small groups, partially online, and fully online courses. We pride ourselves on our commitment to teaching, with a focus on active learning and interactive lectures.
  • Student clubs or organizations include Psychology Club and Push for Awareness Mental Health Club.

Professional Organizations