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As part of our 50th Anniversary celebration, the STEM Showcase invites area high school students to attend a variety of breakout sessions on subjects ranging from assembling skeletons to building an internet!

STEM Showcase Agenda

10am Gathering at Lincoln Mall
10:10 - 10:25am Welcome by President Millender and the STEM Showcase Leadership
10:30 - 11:10am Breakout Session 1
11:15 - 11:55am Lunch & Panel Discussion 
12 - 12:40pm Breakout Session 2
12:50 - 1:30pm Breakout Session 3

Science Session Descriptions

Build a Skeleton: Can You Do It? 
(Room E2854)

Ever wondered what makes up a skeleton? Can you figure out what the bones are? What about assembling one “from scratch”? Find out….if you dare!

Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers: Not Just Water! 
(Room E3872)

Water is all around us, but do we REALLY know what is in it? Explore the biology of water, both as a resource AND as a part of our complex world.

Dissect an Eye: See What You Can See! 
(Room E3868)

Ever wondered how our eye lets us SEE? Learn about the structures of the eye, and explore those structures through dissection of a cow eye. NOTE: High on the SQUEAMISH factor! But also COOL!

Crime Scene Investigation: The Chemistry of Chromatography 
(Room E3858)

How is crime data analyzed? Chromatography helps us figure out a lot of things – blood composition, chemicals used in setting fires, poisons, or even what is in leaves and flowers to give them their colors! Find out HOW in this exploration activity.

Synthetic Snot: Chemistry Goes to the Movies 
(Room E3854)

Hollywood movies love special effects, and a fun and easy effect is the synthetic slime used in The Blob, Ghostbusters (“Slimer”), Harry Potter (the troll boogers in Sorcerer’s Stone), Alien, and lots of similar scenes. By varying the composition, effects technicians can make any consistency from runny to gel-like. Explore how this works in this GOOEY,
SNOTTY activity!

4.6 Billion Years in the Making… 
(Room E2868)

Our Earth is a wonderful place….Let’s keep it that way! Learn about the hidden secrets of our planet, and what has helped shape it over time. Some changes have been BIG, and others small….but each one makes the Earth GREAT!”

Projectiles in Physics! 
(Room E2852)

Power, potential energy, and projectiles! What could go wrong (but mostly right)? See for yourself in this session about how things move!

Technology Session Descriptions

Let’s Code Together. Excuse Me! Where is the Cloud?
(Room E1719)

In this session, you will be introduced to different programming languages. You will use one of the programming languages to write a chat program. You will then be introduced to a ChatBot designed and implemented by Century College’s Computer Science students. Finally, you will get to know more about the Cloud from our guest and the CTO of EnduraData.

Why Identity is the New Security
(Room E1765)

Security boundaries in the IT world are changing, porous, often imaginary lines. A security boundary is a demarcation that delineates sovereign or administrative borders that dictate who controls what. Boundary owners are supposed to protect the assets inside their organizations against all other unauthorized access. The answer to these challenges ? IDENTITY !

Why “Big Data” Is a Big Deal
(Room E1765)

The demand for employees in the big data analytics field is exploding! Organizations are making big data analytics a priority. Currently, more than a third of industries are currently using some form of advanced analytics on Big Data—for business intelligence, predictive analytics and data mining tasks, and this is expected to grow. Salaries for Analytics professionals are soaring. Come to this session to learn more!

Build an Internet. Wait. What?
(Room E1718)

People use the Internet every day, yet might not understand how it works. Participants in this session will build a small “Internet” by creating two computer networks and interconnecting them. You will program a Cisco router to allow the two networks to talk to one another. You can’t build an Internet without these skills.

ECT PC/Server Hardware and Software-Enterprise Computing
(Room E1734)

In this session, we will look at what makes our systems work and look at answering important questions regarding managing our systems. Topics include; Looking at the Guts of a Computer and Server and Putting Them All Together, Managing an Enterprise Network, What Software or Operating System is Best Used and How to Deploy It. 

Manufacturing Session Descriptions

Engineering Program at Century College
(Room E2650 & E2630)

It is well known that engineering is exciting and a well paid profession. Come and learn about engineering students’ projects at Century and how these projects make students think, analyze and communicate like an engineer. Hear Century students “show and tell” about their Century College projects. This project tour will be followed by a brief presentation by faculty about engineering.

The Future of Manufacturing
(Room E2650)

Join us for a short presentation on how additive manufacturing or 3D printing is changing the future of manufacturing. Take part in a live demonstration of the 3D printers used in the Century College Fab Lab.

STEM Showcase Sponsors

Student Champion Sponsor - $5000

Hallberg Engineering
Reell Manufacturing
Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation

College Partner Sponsor - $1000

Larson Engineering
College of St. Scholastica

Featured 50th Anniversary Sponsors

Transforming Lives Sponsor - $50,000
Gunderson & Woodbury Family, Woody's Rebar White Bear Lake Rotary STRIVE

Bridge Builder Sponsor - $25,000
Shavlik Family
Eurotech Auto Service
Diana R. Hill
Richard & Mary Brainerd
Mitchell Family
Ron Anderson & Andrea Quanbeck
H.B. Fuller Company Foundation

View all of the 50th Anniversary sponsors on the 50th Anniversary webpage.


Open to area high schools only. 


Sue Klecker, Special Events Coordinator