Application fee waived!

Get started this Fall Semester!

There is still time to start this Fall Semester. Century College offers multiple start dates that allow you to begin your education throughout each semester. Choose from a variety of affordable, transferable general education courses--which are a fraction of the cost of courses at four-year colleges and universities.

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Fall Session III begins October 24

*For the most current, full course detail please visit the course schedule.

Subject Courses
BIOL 1024 – Human Biology (Online/Late Start)
COMM 1031 – Interpersonal Communication (Late Start/Online Asynchronous) 2 Sections
1041 – Small Group Communication (Late Start/Online Asynchronous)
ECON 1023 – Microeconomics (Online/Late start)
ENGL 1021 – Composition I (Late Start/Online Asynchronous)
HLTH 1001 – Medical Terminology (Online/Late start)
1010 – Standard First Aid and CPR, Red Cross (Partially online/Late start)
HSCI 1001 – Nursing Assistant 2 Sections
MATH 1025 – Statistics (Late Start/Online) 2 Sections
1061 – College Algebra I (Late Start) 3 Sections
MUSC 1035 – Enjoyment of Classical Music (Online/Late start)
PE 1001 – Careers in Physical Education, Exercise Science, & Sport (Hybrid/LateStart)
1060 – Personal Fitness (Online/Late start)​​​​​​​
1067 – Fitness Walking (Online/Late start)
PHIL 1025 – Introduction to Eastern Philosophy (Late start)
PSYC 1020 – General Psychology (Online/Late start)


College is affordable at Century College!

  • Tuition cost per credit*: Century College - $203.49; University of Minnesota, TC - $520.50; Private for-profit colleges - $1,300; Private colleges & universities - $2,320 *Annual tuition and fees **Based on posted institutions average cost per credit

    A majority of our students receive federal and state financial aid. Between financial aid, scholarships, student success programs with financial support, and academic awards for new students, Century College students earn their degrees or take courses while avoiding student load debt.  

    As a two-year public community and technical college, Century College receives funding from the State of Minnesota, keeping tuition rates significantly lower than private colleges and universities.

    With low tuition rates and financial aid options, most students graduate and/or transfer from Century College with little to no debt.

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How do I apply?

The application process for new students to apply for Fall Semester Sessions II and III is the same process as Session I semester start. Visit the Admissions page to learn your next steps. Contact the Admissions Office at 651-773-1700 or with questions.

How do I register?

After completing the application process and being accepted to Century College, you will receive an email with information regarding New Student Orientation. At Century College, orientation is a two-step process. The first step is an online orientation. After completing the online orientation, you will move on to step two which is registering for courses. Please contact the Orientation Office if you have questions about orientation at 651-779-3404 or

How do I receive Financial Aid?

Financial aid is available for Session II and III courses. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 651-779-3305 or Get started on your FAFSA today!

When is tuition due?

Students registering after the first week of the semester should make payment arrangements as soon as possible. Students registering for Sessions II and III courses will not be dropped for non-payment and will be held responsible for their tuition and fees.

Can current students enroll in Sessions II and III classes?

Current Century College students can add Fall Semester courses throughout the semester. Visit the Registering for Classes page for more information.

How do I apply if I am a non-degree seeking student or a visiting student from another college or university?

Non-Degree Seeking/Visiting students are encouraged to enroll in courses with Fall Semester Session II or III start dates. Depending on the institution(s) you previously attended, you may or may not need to apply to Century College. Please see the Admissions page for additional information.