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Alumni Mentoring

Alumni-to-Alumni Mentoring

All alumni of Century, Lakewood, 916 AVTI, and Northeast Metro Technical are encouraged to join our private online alumni network to keep and touch and to continue learning from one another. Here, you can create a profile and indicate whether you're looking to be a mentor, or are in need of a mentor. This organic, informal style of mentoring is an experience for alumni to manage on their own.

Alumni Career Connectors

Alumni and friends are also invited to mentor current students at Century, through the Career Connectors program. Alumni Career Connectors will be paired with a student in your career field who is about to graduate or transfer, and will provide resources and guidance for students to succesfully enter the workforce or begin their university experience. 

This is a more structured volunteer opportunity that requires a minimum 2 hour time commitment per month for the duration of one academic semester. Career Connector pairs are welcome to continue their relationship beyond graduation/transfer if they wish. Alumni may apply to the program at any time. Students should apply in their second-last semester, in preparation for the student-to-alumni mentorship to begin in their final semester.

Alumni Career Connectors will:

  • Provide counsel and resources regarding career paths and industries, goal setting, and preparing for success
  • Engage students in networking activites and/or job shadowing opportunties
  • Making lasting connections with the students you help

Participating students will:

  • Gain a better understanding of your career field or transfer university
  • Receive professional tips and life skills ciritcal for future sucess
  • Practice networking and expand your professional network

Century alumni and students from these program areas are invited to participate in the Career Connectors pilot program:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Solar
  • Visual Communication Technologies (including 3D Animation, Filmmaking and Video Production, Graphic Design, Professional Photography, and Web Design)

Students enrolled in these program areas are eligible to participate if:

  1. You will be entering your final semeseter at Century (preparing to graduate or transfer)
  2. You are not currently a PSEO student

Eligible students interested in participating in Career Connectors must click below to complete the Student Application, and submit a signed copy of the Career Connectors Student Agreement to or drop off in room E2501.

Alumni in these fields who are interested in volunteering as a Career Connector must click below to complete the Alumni Application, submit a signed copy of the Career Connectors Alumni Agreement to, and agree to read and adhere to the Volunteer Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest.