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Nursing Program
Portrait of Eric Graham
Experience: Eric Graham is a bassist, keyboardist, and composer. He has performed in venues from California to New York and is currently an active player in the Twin Cities. He played on the album Beyond Blues which won Minnesota Monthly's "Excellence in Music" award and was for a time a top-10 album on various national jazz charts. A classically-trained composer, he holds a Masters Degree in Music Composition from the Peabody Conservatory. His music has been featured at the Society of Composers National Convention and the Ernest Bloch Composers' Symposium; recently the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra presented his piece c'TRANE b'TOK as part of their Chamber Music Series. For his creative endeavors, Graham has received two Jerome Foundation Travel & Study Grants, the Minnesota State Arts Board "Arts Leader" Award, an LRAC/McKnight Foundation Career Development Grant, a Mid-America Arts Alliance Grant, the Virginia Carty deLillo Prize for Composition, a National Assembly of State Arts Agencies Scholarship, a Peabody Institute Merit Scholarship, the ASCAP Raymond Hubble Music Award, and a National Honor Society Scholarship. Additionally, he has received both an Award for Excellence and Presidential Innovation Grant from Century College. He was raised in Barrow, Alaska - an Eskimo village 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle.
Teaching Approach: Teaching is an absolute blast! I'd do this job even if I didn't get paid.
Education: MM, Music Composition, Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University
Hobbies: My hobby and my job are the same - I call it a 'jobby.'
Eric Graham
Kim Gravelle
Business Mgmnt
Jennifer Greger
Nursing Program
Scott Gregg
Reading/Student Success
Nicole Gresczyk
Dental Assisting
Katie Grotberg
Nursing Program
Cara Grussing
Director of Advising
Advising and Counseling
Portrait of Anna Gryczman
Experience: Dr. Gryczman, born and raised in Poland, has 21 years of teaching experience and 27 years of experience as a nurse in variety of nursing settings & specialties such as: geriatrics, adult med-surg, telemetry, adult orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation, epilepsy, oncology, behavioral health (adolescence, adult and geriatric), pediatric neurology, pediatric med-surg, orthopedics and pediatric med-trauma. Dr. Gryczman is board certified as an advanced holistic nurse, nurse educator, and public health nurse. She works at the point-of-care at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare to stay current in clinical practice. Her special interests include clinical nutrition, holistic health and healing, nursing simulation and genetics.
Teaching Approach: "I like to help shape students' lives, teaching them safe nursing practice that is based on evidence and delivered in a holistic manner. I like to role-model and teach them what holistic nursing is all about, how practice based on best evidence can change clients' outcomes; how our being with another offers hope and gives new meaning to all that is lost and seems unbearable. I believe that by teaching nursing I can reach more patients and have a more tangible presence in the community. I am a strong patient advocate, student advocate, and a leader in the nursing profession. Currently, I teach clinical simulation and nursing lab. I believe that clear expectations and well organized courses, with clearly stated objectives, are essential to students' success. I combine structure and intentionality with flexibility in both planning and leading the class. I am clear about the course objectives but remain flexible and open to various ways of achieving them. My aim is to have students achieve the level of confidence and competence to engage in safe nursing practice. I teach students what critical thinking is all about and how to apply it to arrive at sound clinical judgment when making clinical decisions. As a holistic nurse educator I believe that a safe learning environment, respect, and unconditional acceptance of all students are as fundamental to good teaching as knowing your subject, and knowing yourself. I feel privileged to teach at Century College."
Education: Doctor of Nursing Practice from Metropolitan State University; Master's Degree in Nursing from University of Minnesota; Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing from Metropolitan State University
Notable Achievements: March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Award nomination; Award of Excellence- for the development of on-line "Basic Concepts of Clinical Nutrition" module; Perkins Grant recipient for the development of on-line pharmacology module; Presidential Innovation Grant recipient for the development of lab simulations on "Pediatric Head Trauma" and "Post-op Patient Care"; Work-Study Scholarship recipient for the 2006 AHNA Conference; "Johnson and Johnson Campaign for the Nursing Future" grant recipient to establish "Ellie Slette Holistic Nursing Scholarship" to help nursing students at Century College; Listed in "Who is Who: Americas Best Teachers" / nominated by nursing students; Outstanding Student Award - Metropolitan State University; Academic Achievement Award - Metropolitan State University; Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Academic and Student Affairs Award for Excellence in Curriculum Programming; Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Academic and Student Affairs Award for Innovative Partnering and Collaboration
Anna Gryczman
Nursing Program


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