Beth Hentges
David Her
Academic Advisor
Advising and Counseling
Samantha Hernandez
Lab Technician - Ceramics
Layton Hernandez
Assistant Director of Student Life and Leadership Development
Student Life
Portrait of Katherine Herold
Experience: Dr. Herold teaches courses in child development, adolescent development, adulthood, aging and death, lifespan psychology, general psychology, social psychology, sensation and perception and statistics. Herold's areas of specialty are children's cognitive development and early childhood education. In addition to teaching college courses, Herold provides workshops on child and adolescent development to children, parents and educators. While these workshops span many topics, Herold has a particular love of teaching children and adolescents about how their brains work so that they can better understand their minds and bodies.
Teaching Approach: "I employ an asset-based pedagogical model in my classroom instruction and curriculum. This method involves spending the first week of class getting to know every students’ personal interest in the course, and adapting the curriculum to both reflect those interests, and to incorporate any relevant expertise individual students can bring to the course. A related goal of mine as an instructor is to help students make connections between course content and real life. To do so, I use a variety of in-class activities to both assist students in learning the material, and prompt the understanding that what they’re learning in the classroom has important real-world applications. I love teaching and I hope my students also love coming to class."
Education: PhD, Developmental Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz
Notable Achievements: 2018 Outstanding Educator from the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System.
Hobbies: Enjoying life
Katherine Herold
Portrait of Rachel Herring
Experience: Freelance and staff interpreter since 2003.
Education: MA, Translation and Interpreting, Monterey Institute of International Studies; PhD, Interpreting, University of Geneva
Notable Achievements: Awarded 2019-2020 Innovation Grant from Minnesota State
Rachel Herring
Faculty/Program Director
Translation and Interpreting
Hannah Heublein
Administrative Support Specialist
Student Affairs
Nicole Hinrichs
Portrait of Bruce Hinrichs
Experience: Bruce H. Hinrichs has taught psychology and film studies for many years and was previously a high school counselor and math teacher. Bruce is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Minnesota in Psychology, and was an Honorary Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Teacher/Artist-in-Residence at the University of Illinois, and a member of the Editorial Board of the NEA higher education journal, Thought & Action. Mr. Hinrichs has published articles on psychology, art, and film, and is the author of a textbook of general psychology, books on cognitive neuroscience, film and art, brain science, and short stories. His essay on the philosophy of mind appears in the college philosophy textbook, Voices of Wisdom.
Teaching Approach: Student-oriented lectures and small group discussions with passion, encouragement, clear explanations, great examples, dynamic audio-visual material, and engaging presentations of scientific psychology.
Education: MA, University of Minnesota
Notable Achievements: Multiple teaching awards from Phi Theta Kappa and others.
Hobbies: Bruce is also an artist (glass blowing and painting) and was a musician in the Minneapolis bands The Fables and The Necroids.
Bruce Hinrichs
Peder Hoffman
Lab Technician - Seasonal
Alexandra Holker
Excellent Reading Facilitator
Reading/Student Success
Tana Hostetter
Assistant Director
Human Resources
Dawn Hostrawser
Academic Affairs & Events Assistant
Academic Affairs
Mike Houfer
Director of Facilities
Facilities Services
Jason Huebscher
Engineering Fab Lab Manager
Alexander Humble
Enterprise Computing Technology (ECT)
Portrait of Stewart Hunt
Experience: In addition to 20+ years of experience teaching mathematics, Mr. Hunt has programmed professionally using Java and Javascript.
Teaching Approach: "It is much more important that a valid method was used to solve a problem than it is that the answer is right. Humans are not computers and silly mistakes are easy to make. I care more about the idea than minutia."
Education: Master’s Degree, Mathematics, Purdue University
Stewart Hunt
John Hunter
SSS/TRIO Vet's Acad Specialist - Math
Veterans Center
Greg Idrizow
Facilities Services
Jason Isaacson
Communication Studies
Myron Jack
General Maintenance Worker
Facilities Services
Carol Jacobson
Cindy Jahnke
Administrative Assistant
Jeff Jahnke
Engineering CAD Technology
Lori Jaksa
Lab Technician
Medical Assisting
Jennifer Jakubic
Faculty/Department Chair
Beth Jansen-Bonde
Physical Education/Health
Randy Jasken
Additive and Digital Manufacturing
Experience: Dr. Jaunich studied mechanical engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology and graduated with honors with her B.S. and M.S. After graduation, she worked as a system safety engineer for Millennium Engineering and Integration Company supporting NASA’s Launch Services Program at Kennedy Space Center. During that time, she became a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of Florida and also completed a Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. She then joined the Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering department at North Carolina State University (NCSU) and graduated with her Ph.D. in 2019. Her research focused on using life-cycle assessment and optimization to evaluate civil infrastructure systems, in particular, solid waste management. Dr. Jaunich joined Century College in 2018 and is the Engineering Club advisor.
Teaching Approach: "I use my own professional and academic experience and interests to provide real-world context to the engineering curriculum. Although engineering courses are challenging, my goal is to make engineering approachable and help students find their own personal motivation to study and gain mastery of the concepts."
Education: BS, MS, Mechanical Engineering, Florida Inst. of Tech; MEng, Systems Engineering, Stevens Inst of Tech; PhD, Civil Engineering, NCSU
Notable Achievements: Nat'l Space Club FL, 1st "Rising Star Award" 2011, NASA Exceptional Eng Achvmnt Medal 2011, FL Space Coast Ch SWE "Tech achv awd
Hobbies: Running, reading, watching TV, coaching group fitness classes, spending time with family and friends
Megan Jaunich
Tammy Jennings
Facilities Services


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