Reporting Incidents, Injuries or Concerns

The walking bridge at Century College in the summer.

In an emergency situation, always call 911 first.

Reporting An Injury/Incident

  • Call 651-747-4000 (or ext. 4000 from a campus phone). Century’s Public Safety staff responds to all calls for assistance.
  • Call 911 for an emergency situation. Notify the Public Safety office as soon as possible after placing a 911 call. If using a campus phone, dial 9-911.

Century encourages the reporting of all accidents/injuries occurring on campus and involving employees, students, or guests. Public Safety staff can help identify areas of potential concern and help make improvements in campus safety.

Reporting Employee Injury

Employees: If you experience a work-related injury, contact your supervisor and the Human Resources Department. Step-by-step instructions for navigating the mandatory injury reporting process will be provided.

If you are not employed by Century and are injured on campus, call the Public Safety Office at 651-747-4000 (or ext. 4000 from campus phones.)

Reporting Safety Concerns

  • Employees should inform their supervisor, then call 651-747-4001 or email the Safety Administrator directly.
  • Students should call Campus Security at 651-747-4000.

Remember to have the following information available when reporting your concern:

  • What is the concern?
  • Who is involved?
  • When and where did this happen?
  • What steps have you taken to correct/improve the issue?