October 16, 2018

First off, I’m a commuter, so I have to start my morning with my commute. I wake up about an hour before I need to leave, and leave about an hour before my first class. With traffic, it’s only about forty-five minutes to school, and I like the extra 15 to actually get to class and settle in.

I’m going to take you through a Wednesday, my busiest and longest day, but also most fun. At nine, I have my Exec Board meeting. At Purchase we have the PSGA, or Purchase Student Government Association. The government is actually an independent non-profit organization. It consists of two governing bodies, the Senate and Exec Board, as well as almost 80 entities (clubs, organizations and services.) This is entirely run by the student body, and for the student body. We operate all the clubs and programming that takes place on campus. My position is CFO so I manage all of the organization’s finances and write the annual budget. My Exec Board meeting is where I will report my week to my fellow execs and discuss any current issues within the PSGA that need to be resolved.

Right after said meeting I have my online class. I know what you may be thinking, why an online class when you’re already on campus? Well this class isn’t exactly affiliated with Purchase College, but was recommended and made available to me by one of my professors. It’s a weekly short class teaching Cinema 4D, a software used to make digital 3D models and renders. It’s a lot of fun and I’m really loving it!

That finishes around noon when I have Senate! Last year I was a Senator representing the School of the Arts, however this year as a CFO I just have to sit in on Senate and answer any finance questions that may arise. It’s a two hour meeting where we discuss current issues and vote on resolutions that students bring to the table.

When that’s finished I have my Multi meeting! In the School of Visual Arts there is a student run conference called “The Multi” which was started five years ago as a Senior Project. This year, my friend and I, another ambassador named Liv, are directing the Multi. This is the time where we get to actually design materials for the upcoming conference. Right now, we are working on posters for an annual auction. Every year we host an art auction to raise money for the conference. As I said it is entirely student run, so this is how we make all our money. Liv’s team is actually more focused outside the realm of graphic design, and currently collecting art donations for said upcoming auction.

At five, I have my lab hours where I work in a lab and help people operate printers and scanners etc. This is actually when I get my work done. A lot of the time I can sit and focus on my design homework.

Finally at 7pm, I have my peer mentoring class. I’m really loving this class so far. Essentially every fall, groups of incoming Freshman are assigned an experienced upperclassman to assist them with anything they need as they are navigating themselves through the new building / program. My group of Freshman is really incredible, and we have a wonderful weekly meeting when we just get to be ourselves. The class itself involves no freshman, but all of the peer mentors. We learn about how to be the best mentors we can be, and how to best communicate with people, especially when they are having a difficult time.

At 9pm, my day is finished. A twelve hour day on campus, and it’s time to go home. Usually I’ve got a lot of work to do when I get home. However, I’ve set up a lovely working space for myself, and I get to rest in the way I need to in order to be able to do it all again the next day.

I love my time here at Purchase, and I hope the outline of my day might give you a small insight as to what your days at Purchase could be like. The opportunities are endless, so get excited and start thinking about what you’ll fill your day with!