6:30pm - 7:30pm PST January 25
Harmony Holiday, the 2022-23 Holloway Poet, will give a reading of her work on Wednesday, 25 January, at 6:30 in the Maude Fife Room (315 Wheeler Hall) on the Berkeley campus of the University of California. The reading is free and open to the public. She’ll be introduced by Professor Geoffrey G. O’Brien. 
A graduate of U.C. Berkeley and Columbia University, Harmony Holiday’s books include Negro League Baseball, Go Find your Father/A Famous Blues, the epic poem Maafa and A Jazz Funeral for Uncle Tom, these books among others. 
Of her 2017 book, Hollywood Forever, Farid Matuk (the 2020 Holloway Poet) writes, “While the layered mash-up may at first seem like a critical appropriation of digital culture, Hollywood Forever quickly reveals itself to be a uniquely subtle, carefully honed deployment of an aesthetics of plenty that’s rooted, instead, in a generations-long collective improvisation we more readily associate with various strains of black American music. Holiday isn’t trying to promote herself by affecting literary mastery over various texts and media; she’s getting the band together so they can jam.” 315 (Maude Fife Room) Wheeler Hall