9:30am - 10:30am PDT March 23
Dr. Pratima Gopalakrishnan, Duke Center for Jewish Studies
About:This program of public lectures will take place monthly on Thursdays at 9:30 AM Pacific, from September 2022 through June 2023. See the list of lectures and dates below.
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Sponsors: Badè Museum, Pacific School of Religion and the Archaeological Research Facility
September 22
Women and Gender Performance in the World of the Hebrew Bible: New Perspectives, Future Possibilities
Dr. Jennie Ebeling
October 12
Women and Domestic Spaces at Iron II Tel Halif
Dr. Cynthia Shafer-Elliott
November 3
Agency Theory and the Agencies of Daughters in the Hebrew Bible
Dr. Alixx Roberts Ortiz
December 8
Women’s Religious Rituals and the Sea: Phoenician Coastal Evidence
Dr. Aaron Brody
January 12
Raising Children in Ancient Israel
Dr. Kristine Garroway
February 16
Women Priests and Orientalist Fantasies: A New Look at the Mesopotamian Qadistu
Dr. Jessie Degrado
March 9
Tattooed Women, Bes, and the Marsh: Connecting Tattooed Bodies and Figurines at Deir el-Medina, Egypt
Dr. Anne Austin
March 23
Laboring Women: Work and Domestic Space in the Late Ancient Near East
Dr. Pratima Gopalakrishnan
April 13
Priestess, Queen, Goddess: Women of Nubia
Dr. Solange Ashby
May 11
To See and Be Seen: Looking as a Central yet Underappreciated Attribute of the Judean Pillar Figurine
Dr. Lauren McCormick
June 1
Women’s Eroticism in the Ancient Near East
Dr. Stephanie Budin Virtual event