3:30pm - 5:00pm PDT March 23
Joy James, Ebenezer Fitch Professor, Humanities, Williams College
David Antonio Maldonado, Doctoral Candidate, Berkeley School of Education, UC Berkeley
Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Director, Center for Place, Culture and Politics, and Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences, American Studies, and Africana Studies
The American Cultures Center and the Multicultural Community Center at UC Berkeley are excited to present the Staff as Students of Social Justice (SSSJ) public discussion series, ‘Aspirations of Material Anti-Racism: What’s Next?’
The SSSJ Program is now in its third year, supporting the growth of a staff-student community engaging in antiracist pedagogies through enrollment in AC courses and a specially designed weekly discussion seminar. The SSSJ Spring 2023 lecture series continues to support this unique community of learning among UC Berkeley staff by centering a set of conversations between UC Berkeley faculty and affiliated contemporaries of their work beyond UC Berkeley. For any questions, please email sssj@berkeley.edu.
This discussion focuses on how and why an analysis of capital, surplus, labor, and the general categories of racial capitalism are vital to understanding the rise of the carceral state. Further, the speakers look to take seriously the world-making project of abolition as a key antagonism to the violence of those logics. Remote; Link provided upon registration.