January 17, 2023

Like many college students, Gabby Her had a negative experience in high school. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the support she needed, and dropped out for a short time. However, she is ambitious, and she soon returned to night school. She completed her degree while working full-time in the restaurant business. Gabby also aspired to attend college and earn her degree in Nursing.

A New Start at Century College

Today, Gabby is following her dream and taking Nursing pre-requisite classes at Century College. She’s from a Century family, as her older sisters and sister-in-law are taking classes at the College. She chose the College because it is close to her home.

Gabby’s family also gave her positive feedback about the College and the many support services available to students, such as the Writing Center, where Tutors Linked to Classes (TLC) helped them with their writing. (The TLC program links peer tutors to specific English, math, reading philosophy, psychology, sociology, and science courses. The tutors attend courses and provide support to students both inside and outside the class.)

A Sense of Community and Student Support Systems

Gabby works full time as a visit facilitator with M Health Fairview and is also taking classes full time. While it’s not easy to balance work and school, she’s been getting the support necessary for success from TCL tutor Rose Yang, who has been helping her learn the skill of “academic” writing for her English Composition classes. Writing was not Gabby’s strong suit, but her tutoring sessions with Rose have been positive and productive, and she’s doing well in her classes.

“Rose makes it easy to understand the things I was struggling with,” Gabby says. “ Also, Century College professors understand that not everything goes as planned. They are helpful and they will work with you if you have problems or conflicts. English faculty Yanmei Jiang and Amy Rawson have been extremely supportive.”

Another College resource that Gabby likes is the Century College app. ”It’s particularly helpful, and I notice students stepping up to the plate and helping each other,” She notes. “You’ll see people asking for help with rides, or finding textbooks—and Century College is a helpful, trusting community of students.”

Making a Difference in Nursing

With a strong work ethic and a drive to help others, Gabby wants to make a difference in people’s lives. She views the nursing profession as a great opportunity to help her community. “Nurses see people when they’re at their most vulnerable,” Gabby notes. “I care about helping people without judging them. And the majority of people appreciate those who work in healthcare.”

Gabby is on her way to accomplishing her career goals and is looking forward to a bright future.

“I would recommend Century College,” Gabby enthuses. “It’s a very helpful place to get started on your career or degree. The programs are very good. In fact, I’ve even suggested that my best friend get started here in Nursing, too!”


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