February 04, 2023

“Education is important to me because I’m interested in constantly learning and evolving.”

Nursing alum Alex Erwin is passionate about helping people, and making a positive difference in their lives—it’s in his DNA. He’s part of a Century College family–his mother is also a Century Nursing graduate. In addition, he comes from a family of nurses.

Century College: Affordable Classes and Flexible Schedules

Alex attended college in Duluth for a while, but came back to Century College for his general education courses. “Century College was affordable, and the class schedules were flexible. I was able to take online classes for my generals.” Alex says. “Then, I began to take Nursing classes—I was drawn to the field because of the science and medical aspect of it.”

“The Century College faculty were all friendly and open,” he adds. “I was spending a lot of time with them, and they were great when I had questions or needed to visit during office hours, too. Nursing faculty Kathy Fabro and Shelly Graening were great to work with.”

Valuable Career Experience

Alex is in the beginning of his Nursing career, and has been gaining valuable work experience the past couple of years as a Nurse’s aide, working at Cardigan Ridge, a senior living facility.

“So much of what happens in elder care depends on aides,” Alex observes. “Their input is important, especially in dealing with the elderly. The aides see their issues, and have so much experience with those who are dealing with memory issues.

“This is a difficult area, and requires a lot of patience, compassion, and support for families because memory problems affect a whole family—children, grandchildren, brothers, and sisters. Aides are an important part of the care team.”

Future Plans

In December 2022, Alex earned his Century College Nursing degree and is looking forward to advancing on his meaningful career path. With his experience and education, he’ll do well wherever he lands next. He’s currently looking at his options, and ideally, he would like to work in an ICU. He’s calm in a crisis situation, a necessary trait for his chosen career.

In the future, he will likely return to school for an advanced degree.

Advice for New Nursing Students

Alex offers the following advice for new Nursing students: “Get to know the people in your cohort. You’ll spent a lot of time with them, and they can relate to what you’re going through—you’re in it together. It’s easier when you get to know them, and you can study and socialize together.”

Alex is still friends with the 15-20 people he was in class with, and stays in touch with them.

“You’ll find all the support you need at Century College.”


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