February 12, 2023

“Education is important because we need to keep learning and growing as people and as a society. We won’t be able to overcome our differences without education. The ways we think and learn are changing, and it’s important to apply ourselves–one way to do that is through education.”

Century College PSEO: A Gateway to the College Experience

Hannah Hebert, a senior at Stillwater Area High School, and a Century College Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) student, loves to learn, and is already on the fast-track in her college career. She signed up for Century College PSEO classes because she wanted to challenge herself, and learn on a deeper level and for the long term.

“I chose Century College because my friends recommended it. They were successful in their classes,” Hannah says. “Also, Century College was close to home.”

Tutors Linked to Classes: A Valuable Resource

Learning how to write college-level papers was a challenge initially, until Hannah took advantage of Century’s Tutors Linked to Classes program, and worked with tutor Jonathan Reeves in her English Composition classes. “I wasn’t super strong in writing, but the tutoring experience and working with Jonathan has increased my confidence. Jon is great, and he’s an awesome tutor. Besides, this resource is free.”

In addition, she’s given back to the program by creating a 25-minute tutoring video on the benefits of TLC for English faculty member Yanmei Jiang, who recommended the TLC program to her..

Future Plans

Hannah will graduate from high school in spring, and will go on to a 4-year university in the fall, where she plans to major in Sociology and minor in International Studies. She has many options for her choice in colleges, including the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota, Loyola University, or the University of Connecticut.

“I’m very excited about going to a 4-year university and my future. I plan on working with nonprofits because I want to help make the world better for people,” Hannah says. “If I can help someone, why wouldn’t I? If you work in an area where you’re passionate, you’ll never work a day in your life. For me, the bottom line is not about making a million dollars, but about enjoying what I do”.

Currently, Hannah in a directed study program through her high school, and works with Meals from the Heart for 4-5 hours per week, helping prepare meals for those dealing with food insecurity, and giving back to her local community.

In the summer, her family will travel to Italy and Croatia. (They lived in the Netherlands when Hannah was a child, so she has memories of intercultural living.) “I’m interested in learning all about other cultures,” Hannah says. “It’s so important not to stay in your bubble. See new things, new places, even if it’s outside your comfort zone!”

ADVICE For New Students

Hannah wholeheartedly recommends Century College’s PSEO program as a way to gain valuable college experience, and prepare for transfer to a four-year university.

“I’ve helped so many people signup for Century College’s PSEO program. You can earn college credit while in high school – guaranteed credit—and why wouldn’t you do it?” Hannah enthuses. “I really enjoyed my classes, particularly Century’s English and Psychology classes.”

She feels the faculty are supportive, especially Yanmei Jiang (English) and Isak Tranvick (Political Science). “He’s always there to talk to students, and he was always there for me.”

She adds, ”There’s a big difference between high school and college English, and there can be a learning curve. I highly recommend PSEO because the program taught me so much about how to experience college academics without going into the deep end. Going through Century College’s PSEO program helped me bridge the difference between high school and college.”