February 17, 2023

“I want to make things better overall. I want to make the manufacturing floor better, more fun, and an easier and more efficient place to work.”

Erasmus Espinosa, Century College Additive and Digital Manufacturing graduate (and 2022 ADM Outstanding Student), is working on a plan to improve not only his skills, but the workplace as well. He’s currently working as a machine operator in an apprentice program at Innovize, a medical manufacturing company in St. Paul. He’s passionate about learning.

“I love it here at Innovize. I’ve been there six or seven months, and I love the work culture. There’s a lot of potential here for everyone,” Erasmus says. “I’m taking LEAN manufacturing courses, which are teaching me how to be more efficient and save money. I’ll soon be a certified LEAN practitioner.”

Century College: A Gateway to a New Career

Erasmus’ stepmother recommended that he try Century College, and he decided to take Additive and Digital Manufacturing courses after meeting Program Director Randy Jasken during a college visit.

“I really enjoyed working with Randy. He’s great. And another favorite faculty member is Megan Jaunich. She was awesome in my Intro to Engineering class. And I also loved working with Scott Randall (Solar and Renewable Energies faculty). He’s such an amazing guy. I took a Digital Electronics class with him.”

Erasmus worked hard and enjoyed his classes. His hard work paid off—he was selected as the 2022 Outstanding Student in the ADM program. “I had no idea—it was so great!” Erasmus says. “I enjoyed everything in the FabLab. One of my favorite projects was designing and 3D printing 2 swords and a spear.”

He adds. “3D printing is the future of manufacturing.”

Helpful Resources

Erasmus was able to take advantage of many of Century College’s resources, geared for student success. “I enjoyed being part of the SSS Trio program,” he notes. “It’s a community within a community. I had a great advisor, and access to resources, such as writing and math tutoring. And there were many fun events, such as breakfasts, and outings to Twins games with the group.”

He was also involved in Student Life’s Creative Writing Club, and served as the social media director, posting club information and event photos on social media platforms.

In addition, Erasmus applied for and received many scholarships from the College’s Foundation, including the Workforce Development Scholarship. “I was able to pay off most of my student loans with scholarship support,” he notes.

The Importance of Education

Education and continual learning is vital to Erasmus. “Education is about finding something that you like to do. For me, when I am learning, I really enjoy it, and I want to make things better. If I’m passionate about something, I’ll find ways to improve it,” he says.

Erasmus is committed to self-improvement and skills development. He’s working on a three-year goal, and plans to become a senior LEAN practitioner.

He offers the following advice for those who are considering Century College: “Just do it. Century College does have a lot to offer. And Century will always be there for you. The people are nice. You’ll find good faculty and good teaching.”

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