March 17, 2023

Education is important—it helps us experience personal growth, self-awareness, and also helps us find our place in the world. Education keeps us connected with the world, and it helps us advance what we do, ethically, in the world.”

Finding a New Community

Now in his second year at Century College, Webster Denison is passionate about being part of a new community, and about helping others. He’s enjoying his General Education courses. “The faculty are very supportive, especially Angela Coffey in Composition and Chuck Paulson in Human Biology. They are willing to help students in every way,” he says.

Webster plans on applying to Century College’s Radiologic Technology program, and beginning in the fall. His reasons for choosing this particular profession are deeply personal, and in alignment with his core values.

“My mom was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago, and I took her to her medical appointments. I saw how the Rad Techs worked,” Webster says. “They were so compassionate and helpful to her, and I feel incredible gratitude for those who helped her. I want to help others, too, and this profession really suits me.”

In fact, it was his mom who introduced him to Century College years ago by taking him to the Cosmetology Department’s Salon 120 for haircuts. “I found the Cosmetology students and staff very friendly,” Webster remembers, “I could see and feel the sense of community there, and it made a huge impression on me.”

Now, Webster is officially part of Century College, and enjoys the welcoming campus community. When he has time, he enjoys attending Student Life events before or after class, and he’s grateful for the free food provided at many events, as he sometimes forgets his lunch. 

In addition, he’s working in the East Student Computer Lab (located in the Library) as an IT Help Desk receptionist, on the front lines of customer service, helping students and faculty. “I love my job, and I love working in the Library—it’s my favorite place on campus,” he enthuses, “I sit near the librarians’ main desk, and I find them very knowledgeable. They give good book recommendations, too!”


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