June 15, 2023

“Knowledge is power. Learning anything is valuable, and can bring knowledge into our jobs.“

Marissa Torres is currently working on her second Century College degree. In 2022, she earned her Associate’s Degree in Marketing and Communications, while working full-time in her finance job. This time, she is earning her Associates degree in Business Management.

Ambitious, intelligent and a hard worker, Marissa knows that she’ll be able to advance in her career, and plans to have the education and experience to move ahead. Learning about marketing and business is giving her a new perspective in her job, where she brings questions to her marketing team. “Knowledge makes you ask ‘why’ questions,” Marissa explains. “Education gives you an edge in your career and life.”

Century College: The Right Choice

Before joining the Century College community, Marissa tried a different community college, but wasn’t a good fit. Consequently, she took a two-year break. Friends who had enjoyed their Century experiences recommended the College to her.

She began by taking two online classes. “They were great. I fell in love with the work,” Marissa remembers. “The classes was good, and professors were great–They are easy to communicate with, and respond quickly to students.”

For students who are new to Century, Marissa offers the following advice: “Don’t be afraid to talk to professors and get to know them. And, even if you’re online, don’t be afraid to come to campus. Get involved and come to Student Life activities. It might seem intimidating, but you’ll be walking into lots of friendships and opportunities! Remember to take a look at the numerous clubs and organizations.”

Honing Leadership Skills Through Phi Theta Kappa

While at Century, Marissa has been honing her natural leadership skills through her involvement with Phi Theta Kappa, the Honors Society for two-year colleges. “Joining PTK has been the best, most enjoyable part of my Century College experience,” Marissa enthuses. “There are a lot of leadership opportunities. I started doing marketing for PTK, and got more involved in campus life, and I’m now on Student Senate

“I’m so grateful,” she adds.

This past spring, as President of the Century College PTK chapter, she attended (her second) national Catalyst Conference. She was also a flag bearer for the Minnkota (regional) chapter) of PTK.

Marissa’s dedication and hard work are paying off. She was selected as a 2023 Phi Theta Kappa Guistwhite Scholar and will receive a medallion and a $5,000 scholarship for her baccalaureate studies. Guistwhite Scholars are chosen based on academic achievement, leadership accomplishment, and engagement in Phi Theta Kappa programs. (Just eight Guistwhite recipients were selected by a panel of independent judges from more than 2,700 applicants.)

Future Plans

After graduating from Century College, Marissa will transfer to a four-year college and earn a degree in Marketing and Business. In the future, she plans on achieving a leadership role in the company where she works or perhaps elsewhere. In the long-term, she envisions herself in a VP or CEO role of a company. The world of academia is also appealing to her.

Whatever path she chooses, she will continue to do well, and her future looks bright.


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