February 08, 2024

As a first-generation student, Rosa Camila Baca, (who goes by Camila) is well on her way to achieving the knowledge and skills she needs for career and personal success. Originally from Peru, Camila speaks three languages fluently (Spanish, English, and French), and is working on a fourth–Chinese.

Now in her second year at Century College, Camila is working on her Associate’s Degree in Communication Studies. She chose to come to Minnesota because of Century’s affordability, inclusive community, and unwavering support for students.

Gaining Leadership Skills

Camila is a passionate and driven student who has already made a mark at Century. She actively participates in student leadership activities and serves as the Vice President of the Multicultural Center’s Movimiento Latinx Student Association, a group aimed at promoting education and community-building while closing the equity gap. Camila has also contributed her leadership skills as Vice President of Fellowship for the two-year honor society, Phi Theta Kappa, and sits on the Board. She has represented Century College at conferences and will soon be attending the PTK Catalyst Conference this spring, where Century’s chapter will be recognized for its achievements.

She is also Co-chair of the Diversity Activities Board (DAB), and is looking forward to helping organize events on campus. “I’m happy to get involved,” Camila enthuses. “You learn so much from others and through these clubs and organizations.”

The Most Important Skill: Communication

“The most important leadership skill is communication,” Camila says, “You can communicate your needs but also encourage others to communicate theirs and listen. It’s good to share expectations.”

Career Aspirations

Following her graduation from Century, Camila plans to transfer, and get her Bachelor’s in Global Studies/International Relations, followed by a Juris Doctor and Master’s in International law. Her long-term goal is to become a foreign service officer.

Advice for New Century Students

Camila offers valuable advice to new students: “Connect with faculty, and get involved! Century’s professors want to teach and are passionate about their students. They’re here for you, they want to help. Also, get to know and use the various resource centers and language lab. Faculty genuinely want to help students succeed. The more you put into your Century College experience, the more you will get out of it!”

Camila’s commitment to education, leadership, and communication is a testament to her drive for personal and professional success. Her experience at Century College serves as an inspiration to students seeking to excel academically and personally.

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