April 03, 2024

“Knowledge is power. No one can take it away from you. Education can take you somewhere you’ve never been. It’s hard to make something of yourself without it.”

Mohamed Mohamed, a second-year Century College MIS student, is driven to succeed. As a first-generation college student and the oldest of four, he feels the pressure to be a good role model for his siblings and parents. He wants to show them what they can do, too.

Despite the pressure, he finds it rewarding to be a pacesetter in his family. He’s already influenced his younger sister, who is in the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program at the College, and will graduate with him.

Choosing Century College

Mohamed initially started his college career at a four-year university; however, he lacked focus and didn’t fully commit to his studies. Although he once thought community colleges were lame, he soon chose Century College, due to its proximity to his home, and the availability of financial aid.

“I fell for the trap,” he remembers, “but I had to find my way. I would have saved time if I’d gone to Century College initially, but I wasn’t focused.”

Century College’s supportive environment–both faculty and staff–has helped him get back on track. He gives much of the credit to the guidance he has received from academic counselor Cara Grussing.

Mohamed notes, “Century College has provided me with a clear transfer pathway to achieve my goals. Now, I’m more driven and focused on my goals at Century. I’ve been taking extra classes–usually 18 or 19 credits.”

His ultimate goal is to attend the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. He is set to graduate at the end of the Fall semester.

Utilizing Century’s Resource Centers

Mohamed keeps his skills sharp by utilizing the services offered through Century College’s Academic Resource Centers. He enjoys visiting the Math Center in the mornings when faculty are available to work with him.

“I highly recommend the Math Center, Writing Center, and Computer Lab in the Library to students,” Mohamed says, “Students should take full advantage of all that Century College has to offer.”

Future Plans

Mohamed plans to start his own business, but he first wants to gain experience in corporate life and work his way up the ladder as a product manager in a large company like Apple or Google.

He is currently interning at Medica in an MIS-related position and has taken advantage of the career workshops offered at Century College through the Counseling Center. He has always been passionate about computers and coding and sees himself in a leadership role.

Outside of academia, Mohamed enjoys spending time outdoors. He enjoys sports, working out, and playing soccer and golf. He is also a runner, and he has participated in the Twin Cities Marathon with his dad, Additionally, he enjoys acting and has been involved in community productions and fundraisers.

He is grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to attend Century and is motivated to work even harder and take on more challenges. “I highly recommend Century College,” he says,” and I know that the support I receive here has helped set me up for a successful future.”


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