October 06, 2021

Century College student Salina Tekle believes in the life-changing power of education.  A first-generation student, she has always planned to get her degree, and she knows that she’s a positive role model for her children.  “I’ll have a better career, and my education will help me become a better, more self-aware person,” she adds. 

After working in retail for many years, Salina decided to work as a stay-at-home mom.  When her children reached school age, she decided to go to college.  Salina had heard about Century early on, because her husband was taking courses at the College when they began dating.  She knew that the Century is an affordable choice, and decided to take her General Education courses in Fall 2019.  

New Opportunities

Salina is passionate about writing, and dreams of creating her memoir, as well as working in other literary genres, such as fiction.  She enjoyed her writing classes, and would ask and answer questions thoughtfully in class. After completing Composition I, instructor Lisa Brimmer saw Salina’s potential, and recommended that she work as a tutor in the College’s Writing Center. 

She started tutoring in January 2020, and found that it came easily to her.  She enjoys teaching others in part because she also learns something new every day.  “At first, going to the Writing Center was required as part of the Composition class; however, after working there, I began helping students to gain in confidence, and to take charge of their learning,  I learned more about my own writing, and am able to process information better.  Also, I love making personal connections with other students,” Salina notes.

Future Plans

After graduation, Salina plans to continue her education and transfer to a four-year university to get her BA degree, possibly at Metro State, and she’s leaning toward a degree in Technical Communication and Professional Writing.  Ultimately, Salina knows that wherever her career takes her, she wants to have a job that has a teaching component.

Her immediate goal is to finish her two-year degree, then work on her BA.  She also sees a book in her not-too-distant future, and has a character that she’s been working on.  She’s looking forward to new writing and creative opportunities in her future.

In the beginning of Salina’s Century career, she was self-conscious about being a non-traditional student, but quickly let it go. “At Century College, I’m just another student—it’s not about being non-traditional,” Salina observes.” You don’t feel alone. You can connect with others.  If I can do this–work on my degree–and raise my family, anybody can do it.” 

And Salina has already inspired her husband to finish his AA degree at the College.  “Taking classes at the same time provides an opportunity for both of us to grow together,” She says.

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