May 18, 2022

“If you have a goal, if you have someone encouraging you, you can do it.”

Century College student Martha Hanna is dedicated to learning, and being the best student that she can be.  She has always been drawn to the healthcare field, and is enrolled in Century College’s Medical Assistant program.  “I want to work in a hospital or clinic,” she says.

Century College - Excellent Resources and Caring Faculty

Martha chose Century College because it is close to home and she had heard that faculty are excellent. “Teachers are good, and they help you,” Martha notes. “Every semester, they tell us ‘We are here to help you, support you,  and we won’t leave you alone.’

“Century College is perfect for me–with many resources, such as the access to tutoring and the Writing Center.”

Martha is also part of a Century College family–her husband has done his General Education courses at the College, and will be working on his degree in  Century’s Automotive Service Technology program in the fall.

ESOL Classes as Preparation for Her Academic Career

Originally from Egypt, Martha has been in the US for four years, and she prepared for her academic career by taking classes in the English for Speakers of Other Languages program, which laid the groundwork for her other coursework.

“My advisor, Christine McLaughlin, is awesome.  She’s so helpful and supported me by telling me about the many resources that Century College offers,” Martha says. “Christine knows that English is my second language.  And all teachers in ESOL are helpful.  I’m not worried or scared of talking in groups.  If I make  a mistake, I don’t worry.  I’m not embarrassed anymore.”

As a result of her hard work and dedication to her studies, Martha recently received the Outstanding Student Award in ESOL. “I can’t believe it–I feel so proud of myself,” she enthuses. “I worked hard, and also tried to help other ESOL students and encourage them.”

During the beginning of the pandemic, it was hard to stay at home, but Century College’s flexible class schedules helped her—she could balance school and her family life. “Again, the teachers have been so helpful.  They made sure they were available to answer all questions students had.”

Education as a Family Value

Martha and her husband understand the value of an education. She wants to be proud of herself, and wants her kids to be proud of both her and her husband. “Education is good,” Martha says. “I will have more opportunities in my life to move ahead in my career.  With more knowledge and going to college, I have learned more about my adopted country, and this has helped me adapt to the culture.  Also, my personality has changed.  I’m no longer shy.  I’m confident about myself and my goals.”

She has also enjoyed being part of the Century College community, and being in classes with a diversity of students. ”I have gained more confidence and feel empowered, thanks to Century College.” 


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