May 16, 2022

“Education is essential–you need an education to grow, both personally and professionally,” says Century College student Valentina Torres Quiroga. 

Valentina is finishing her Associate in Arts  (AA) degree and will graduate this summer. Her aunt encouraged her to come to Century College, and Valentina was impressed by the diverse College environment.

“I felt so welcome. Everyone was so helpful and supportive.  There are opportunities for everyone, and there’s a variety of majors,” she adds.

Classes in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Originally from Colombia, Valentina has been in Minnesota for about a year and a half.  Although she has had basic English classes since she was seven years old, she started with ESOL classes at Century College to get a head start on her academic career.

“I would recommend the classes.  The ESOL teachers were really kind, and they also give you tips.  You get help with writing papers, as well as with the structure of academic English. The classes definitely helped me.” 

Student Life Activities

Valentina has enjoyed working with the Planning Activities Committee (PAC) with Student Life. “You meet people there, and being involved in Student Life activities has helped with my English and I’ve had a lot of fun experiences–such as involvement in drive-in movies, games, Wood Duck days, etc.”  

Future Plans

Valentina plans to transfer to a four-year university to get her Bachelor’s degree.  She’s interested in Biochemistry, and plans to attend the University of St. Thomas.  She’s always been fascinated with medicine, and in time, she wants to attend the University of Minnesota Medical School.  Valentina wants to help people, and she’s particularly interested in medical research.

She’s happy she chose Century College as the springboard to her academic career. “Century College is a great option.  It’s affordable, and there are different majors.  The environment is really welcoming, and everyone is so kind.  I would highly recommend Century College.”


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