May 04, 2022

Maddy Branch has always had a passion for helping people, and knew she wanted a career in health care,  “Education is important because healthcare is changing every day,” she notes. “It’s important to be knowledgeable.  With education, you can grow in connection with professors and peers. Education opens your horizons to different things.”

Century College: Where the Faculty Know Your Name

Maddy initially attended a four-year university, but she didn’t enjoy being in a class with 200 other students.  “It just wasn’t for me,” Maddy explains. “Century College was affordable, closer to home, with much smaller class sizes. It was the right fit for me.

“And the Century College faculty are great.  They’re informative, and let us know about opportunities.  All the professors are easy to contact and easy to talk with.  I would walk down the hallway and they would know me by name. “  

Maddy found her perfect fit in Century College’s Dental Assisting program. And she loved being able to show friends and family what she had been learning by working in the Century College Dental Clinic, and helping patients.

2022 Outstanding Student in Dental Assisting 

When Maddy arrived at Century, she was fully committed to her education. Each Dental Assisting student is required to complete a portfolio with examples of their leadership skills development in seven key areas. Maddy dedicated herself to doing the best possible job with her portfolio, getting involved in numerous activities, such as helping faculty at a College Open House, discussing the program with prospective Dental Assisting students, and working on the “Give Kids a Smile Day” at Hope Dental Clinic.

“I took advantage of every opportunity, making sure I learned as much as possible,” Maddy remembers. “I tried to excel in the seven key leadership areas, and also tried to help other students with their portfolio work, too.”

In addition, she was active in the Dental Assisting club, working on fundraising projects. And, all the while, she was working two jobs while going to school full time.  She paid for college out of pocket, and will graduate debt-free.

As a result of Maddy’s hard work and dedication to the field, she was awarded the 2022 Century College Outstanding Student award in Dental Assisting.  She was surprised by the honor, but Century College staff and faculty were not. Maddy is known for her passion for learning as much as she could in her field, and getting the details just right.  She was also recognized for her dedication to helping her fellow students,

Future Plans

In June, Maddy will start full-time with Maplewood Dental Associates, and is excited about beginning this new chapter of her professional life.  She is looking forward to continuing her path of service and  helping her new patients.

In a few years, she would love to return to Century College, and teach in the Dental program.  ”I love to see others grow and succeed. If I can help other Century College students, that would be great,” Maddy says.


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