April 14, 2022

You should follow your passions, explore your interests, join clubs, take electives,” Kayla Sjoblom, Century College Computer Science major, advises.  “if you find your passion, you’ll find your motivation, which will fuel your energy.”

Kayla is part of a Century College family. Her older brother attended Century College, and it was close to home and affordable.  “I have a gravitational pull to smaller schools, and classes.  You get a better chance to know your professors and your fellow students,” she notes.

“Also, faculty are very nice, and they’ll do the best of their ability to help you.  And Century professors regularly let me  know about appropriate, available courses and scholarships.  The atmosphere at Century College is very welcoming.”

Outstanding Student Award in Computer Science

Kayla’s interest in Computer Science began in high school, when she took a class and enjoyed learning to code in Python. She knows the value of education because in her field, continuous learning is a requirement.  “You can’t just jump into the field,” Kayla says. “You have to work hard and keep your skills and certifications up to date.”

In recognition of her hard work and dedication to learning, Kayla recently received Century College’s Outstanding Student Award in Computer Science.  “It came as surprise. It’s a great honor, and I worked hard for it. I’m happy about that.”

Networking Opportunities at Century College

During her time at Century, Kayla found opportunities for learning about her chosen profession and for networking. She joined the STEM Scholars group and met weekly with her peers. “We’d talk about opportunities, events, and explored our interests. It was a great way to meet others in similar fields.” Additionally, Kayla received STEM scholarships and stipends.

Future Plans

After graduating in May 2022, Kayla will transfer to Metro State University to get her Bachelor’s Degree, with plans to go into the area of Software Programming.

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